Thursday, April 8, 2010

When you don't have much to "Give Back"!

Even when you don't have much to give back, you can always give something if you really want to. I gave them images captured during the whole "Convoy of Love 4" event. The event was organized by Kelab Autoshow with kind sponsorship from Munchy's and YCH Logistic.

First stop: House of Joy

Loading Munchy's cookies into the car
DSC_1506 copy

A group pic before visiting "House of Joy"
DSC_1531e copy

He skipped gym that day.
DSC_1539e copy

Mr. Loo, the GM of YCH Logistic, Malaysia, 2nd from left, and Lesley, the selfless lady who has dedicated her life to caring for the kids in the home
DSC_1558e copy

DSC_1564e copy

DSC_1605e copy

DSC_1614e copy

2nd stop: Pure Life Society
DSC_1752e copy

DSC_1742e copy

DSC_1747e copy

DSC_1767e-2 copy

DSC_1764e copy

There's always something you can give, no matter how little. You can do it alone, or in group, or you can join Kelab Autoshow in its next Convoy of Love. It's entirely up to you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alliance Group 2010 Annual Dinner

A very recent event that i covered.

Anita Sarawak - awesome entertainer
IMG_2787 copy

Anita Sarawak
IMG_2724 copy


Dennis Lau - Malaysia's Vanessa Mae :)
IMG_2385 copy

Dennis Lau. Jimmy Sax in the background. Fabulous saxophonist!
IMG_2426 copy

Some of the guests/employees

She won the best costume award i think.


Phat Fabes and Ben - the event emcees!


Monday, April 5, 2010

Kurt's (OM) Photography

This will be where I blog about things not so natural. And you already know that I have another one just for all things nature, including macro: Up Close With Nature!

Some of the services that I provide are as below. Feel free to contact me for more information :)

Contact me:
Tel no: zero one two-9801929.
Email: orionmystery at gmail dot com

Event coverage
IMG_4694 copy

Stage performance, Alliance Bank annual dinner
IMG_2787 copy

Auto show. Youth and Sports Minister.
IMG_5998 copy

Auto show event
DSC_3903 copy

Corporate event, Premier Grain Logo Launch Ceremony

Charity event

charity event

DSC_1106 copy

DSC_1035 copy

Location shoot for booklet/brochure
Tanah AIna (IMG_5704 copy)

Location shoot, Tanah Aina
IMG_0025 copy

Tanah Aina
IMG_9747 copy

Tanah Aina Orchard
IMG_2071 copy

Tanah Aina's worker
IMG_2139 copy

Travel photography
Tioman Island (IMG_0889 copy)

DSC_2180 web contrast sharpen

IMG_1307 copy


Food photography


IMG_7804 copy


Contact me:
Tel no: zero one two-9801929.
Email: orionmystery at gmail dot com