Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fish Head Noodle Jalan Pasar

I was told this is the best fish head noodle in town. There is no shop name. It's located in Lorong Yap Hin, off Jalan Pasar.

Very generous portion of fish in a bowl.
jalan pasar fish head noodle RIMG0257 copy

Fish head noodle is only available on Tuesday, Fri and Saturday. Starts selling at 6:30am and normally all sold out by 11ish.
fish head noodle pasar road RIMG0249 copy

Be prepared to wait. We placed our order at 9:00 am and we were served at 9:30 am. Not too bad :)
fish head noodle RIMG0246 copy

When they bring you this red cili padi in soy sauce, your bowl of yummy fish head noodle will be served soon!
red cili padi in soy sauce RIMG0240 copy

Kopi Si Peng
kopi si peng RIMG0230 copy

A big bowl with "soong yu" is RM6.50. Small bowl, RM5.50.
RIMG0259 copy

With Grouper/石斑: Big: RM20, Small: RM10
R0014745 copy

With Long Dan (龍膽石斑) Estuary Grouper: Big: RM40, Small: RM20

the cook fish head noodle RIMG0234 copy

The stall is one of the few underneath the big ketapang/sea almond (?) trees!
fish head noodle jalan pasar RIMG0307 copy

Only bones and empty bowl left :D ya..i know..i am good! LOL. The soup was clear yet flavorful even though no preserved vege, tomato were used.  Just natural freshness and sweetness from the fish! I did see a worker peeling luffa/loofah though. Perhaps that's where some of the sweetness come from. I could taste shaoxing wine in the soup too. Love it.
empty bowl, fish head noodle RIMG0271 copy

YB Datuk Wee Ka Siong was there too!
YB Datuk Wee Ka Siong RIMG0265 copy


Lorong Yap Hin, off Jalan Pasar. The same lorong where Restoran Wei Kee (伟记饭店深井烧鹅), Roasted Goose and Siew Ngap Fei (烧鸭肥) are.

GPS Coordinate: 3.135985,101.716479

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fish Maw Noodle - Sri Sinar

Fish Maw Noodle at Fan Cam Mei Fish Head Restoran in Taman Sri Sinar.

fish maw noodle fan cam mei taman sri sinar RIMG0208

fan cam mei fish maw noodle RIMG0204

fish maw noodle RIMG0210

fan cam mei fish head noodle RIMG0212

For location, please refer to this post.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gulai Kawah Sri Ayu Sri Gombak

I went to this gulai kawah place in Sri Gombak for lunch yesterday. I am not sure if there's a name but I'll just call it Sri Ayu. Similar to Anis Putri in Pantai Dalam.

Ikan keli in chili sauce (cat fish)
sri ayu chili cat fish ikan keli RIMG0160

Many dishes to choose from.
sri ayu gulai kawah dishes RIMG0155

balitung RIMG0158

gulai kawah sri gombak dishes RIMG0151

sri ayu sri gombak grilled fish RIMG0153

malay food fish dishes RIMG0147

Grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf
banana leaf grilled fish RIMG0142 copy

Ready to be unwrapped and savored :P
grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf RIMG0149

RIMG0146 RIMG0145 copy
RIMG0144 copy RIMG0143 copy

What I had: mutton curry, mango kerabu, patin fish head. RM9.00
sri ayu malay food RIMG0161
Ikan Patin (Pangasius spp.). 

Mutton curry, tender but not as tender as I'd have liked it.
malay mutton curry RIMG0169

malay dessert tapai glutinous rice RIMG0184

Recent visit:
2013-10-23 12.50.26 copy

2013-10-23 12.50.58 copy

2013-10-23 13.10.30 copy


Medan Selera Taman Sri Gombak, right next to the 3-in-a-row petrol stations: Esso, BHP, Petronas.

GPS coordinate: 3.240579, 101.704506

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Restoran Kwong Heong

Late lunch at Restoran Kwong Heong in Kampung Atap, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan.

Steamed tilapia with minced garlic
steamed tilapia with minced garlic RIMG0118 copy

steamed tilapia with minced garlic RIMG0116 copy

咸鱼花腩肉 pork belly with salted fish
咸鱼花腩肉pork belly with salted fish RIMG0112 copy

四大天皇 (Four Emperors). House specialty! Very good indeed.
four emperors RIMG0102 copy

four emperors RIMG0105 copy

Stir fried romaine lettuce
stir fried romaine lettuce RIMG0109 copy

All four dishes, drinks and free soup came to about RM92.


restoran kwong heong RIMG0096 copy

Kampung Atap, Mantin, Negeri Sembilan

gps coordinate: 2.823120, 101.895000

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fish Head Noodle Fan Cam Mei restoran

I tried out a new fish head noodle place in Taman Sri Sinar. Restoran Fan Cam Mei (返寻味) Been there a couple of times.

This street (Jalan 6/38D) is always jammed almost all day long with many inconsiderate drivers double parking. I advise you to park a little further away on 5/38D (see the map at the bottom) where you can find a spot easily and take a short walk (less than 200 meters) to the shop.  

Edit: I went there there a couple of times the past few months. The quality of un-fried fish has deteriorated greatly. The un-fried fish wasn't as white as what you see in the images below, and didn't taste fresh either. It would probably be still okay if fried and served in soup with condensed milk, but as you all know, I only go for clear soup and un-fried fish!

From the first few visits when the un-fried fish was still fresh.

"Soong Yu" fish head in clear soup. Very nice. RM6.50.
fish head noodle fan cam mei taman sri sinar RIMG0031 copy

The menu. I have tried the "Ling Yu" Fish Head Noodle as well. Photos after my next visit there:)
menu at fan cam mei restoran fish head noodle RIMG0003 copy

RIMG0005 copy

You get 3 big pieces of fish in this bowl!
fish head noodle RIMG0015 copy

fish head noodle fan cam mei restoran RIMG0022 copy

fish head noodle RIMG0019

RIMG0025 copy

Opening hours:
restoran fan cam mei opening hours RIMG0034 copy

Restoran Fan Cam Mei is located right next to Restoran Kah Hing.
restoran fan cam mei fish head noodle RIMG0001 copy

Location Map:

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GPS coordinates: 3.1894025, 101.6527605

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dim Sum at Key Hiong

Dim Sum at Key Hiong in Taman Megah.

Siew Mai
dim sum siu mai at key hiong taman megah RIMG0957 copy

Key Hiong Dim Sum, just across the road from Ming Tien food court.
key hiong in taman megah, dim sum RIMG0951 copy

Wu Kok (yam puff)
wu kok, yam puff, yam dumpling RIMG0956 copy

Har Gau (prawn dumpling)
shrimp dumpling, har gow RIMG0959 copy

RIMG0961 copy

dim sum RIMG0969 copy

Char Siu Pau
char siu bao RIMG0973 copy

Lor Bak Gou (Turnip cake/radish cake)
RIMG0985 copy

And of course, like a friend of mine always says: no dim sum meal is complete without chicken feet (kai keok), LOL.
dim sum chicken feet, gai geok kai keok RIMG0981 copy

The bill came to about RM50 for 4 pax inclusive of drinks. I think it's really reasonable especially considering this place is in KL/PJ. Even dim sum places in Sungai Buloh and Kepong are charging about the same price.


No. 21, Jalan SS24/8,
Taman Megah,
47301 Petaling Jaya

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gps coordinate: 3.114925,101.611715