Friday, November 30, 2012

Nasi Campur Sofie Resources Section 14

I was in the Digital Mall to get some IT stuff and after that, decided to have a quick lunch nearby. Not wanting to drive far and brave the traffic and facing the hassle of finding a parking spot, I decided to wander into the wet market to look for food.

There were at least two nasi campur stalls there and for some reason, I didn't stop at the first one, but the second one.

Nasi campur with pajeri terung, raw angled beans stir fried bitter gourd RM 6.00 (including the grilled fish in the next photo)
nasi campur R0019928 copy

Yummy grilled fish wrapped in banana leaf!
banana leaf grilled fish R0019931 copy

Quite many dishes to choose from.
R0019934 copy

R0019937 copy

R0019938 copy

Lunch only.

Sofie Resources
Inside the wet market next to Digital Mall, Section 14.

Jalan 14/14

Contact number: 012-687 9108

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nasi Lemak-Restoran Double Seven-Sri Bintang

This nasi lemak stall is located at Restoran Double Seven in Sri Bintang.

Chicken rendang, sambal petai and okra. RM8.00. The rendang curry was really very ordinary with hardly any punches at all. Just too mild, and a little boring.The okra was just as boring.
nasi lemak restoran double seven 2012-11-24 19.14.49 copy

There was no prawns in the sambal petai and this dish just tasted like there was a high dosage of MSG in it! I felt that RM8.00 for these was just too pricey! I can have really nice nasi lemak jumbo KL in Tmn Sri Sinar for only RM4.50 and with with an added piece of fried chicken (RM3.00) for RM7.50.
nasi lemak, restoran double seven 2012-11-24 19.16.54 copy

sri bintang restoran double seven 2012-11-24 19.34.39 copy

sri bintang restoran double seven  2012-11-24 19.34.54 copy

restoran double seven 2012-11-24 19.36.03 copy

I am not too sure of the business hour of this nasi lemak stall. I only know that it is open on Saturday evening when there is a weekly pasar malam. On weekends, it is available for lunch too.


53, Jalan 3/36,
Taman Bukit Sri Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur,

GPS Coordinate: 3.187614,101.643099

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Flying wonton noodle - Kepong

I was checking out nice places to eat out at and I chanced upon this interesting wonton noodle stall near Jusco Kepong. Read on to find out why I said it was interesting.

So I made it there on fine noon, and I ordered braised chicken feet and char siew wonton noodle. The chicken feet were just okay. Still quite tender but not as fall-off-the-bones kind of tender. The char siew, whilst not top of the class, was quite great for what you get at wonton noodle stalls. Besides no red dye coloring on the outside, the taste and texture also went very well with the noodle.
ah di flyig wonton noodle @ Kepong R0019760 copy

The spoon was placed at the bottom, with the wonton noodle on top of the spoon so the  al-dente wonton noodle wouldn't soak up too much gravy and become soggy.
ah di flying wonton noodle kepong R0019759 copy

Even after a whole good 5 minutes or more (of me photographing the dish), the noodle was still springy and slightly resistant to the bite. Yum, that's my kind of noodle!
ah di flying wonton kepong R0019763 copy
You would bite into fresh, crunchy bits of lard too occasionally. Lovely taste.

I think this guy's name is Ah Di, which is also the name of the stall - Ah Di wonton noodle.
flying wonton noodle in kepong R0019752 copy

After blanching the wonton noodle, he'd rinse it and then toss it high up into the air to get rid of the excess liquid. :) It was fun to watch!
flying wonton noodle kepong animation

This place is quite easy to find. It's just opposite Jusco Kepong, on the other side of Jalan Kepong (See map)
R0019766 copy

I felt slightly thirsty for a couple of hours after eating. I think it's the soup.


Kedai Kopi Peng Kee Baru
Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 1

Business Hours: Morning till 3pm daily. Off days not fixed

GPS coordinate: 3.214589,101.638808

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Siew Kee Dim Sum Sungai Buloh

I saw an offer on LivingSocial for dim sum cash vouchers at Siew Kee so I bought two of it. Each voucher cost RM10 and is good for RM20 cash at the outlet.

Hong Kong style steamed cheong fun with prawns. Not freshly prepared as the dish was served really fast. Not very good, the noodle was thick and not very tender.RM3.80
prawns chee cheong fun R0019715 copy

Steamed Chicken feet (Fong Chow) with bean sauce. Nice and so tender the skin/flesh falls off the bones as soon as you put it into your mouth. RM4.00
chicken feet / fong chow R0019718 copy

siew kee dim sum - chicken feet/ fung chow R0019722 copy

R0019723 copy

Lau Sha Pao with yam paste. RM4.80. I found the skin/dough to be way too thick, and the yam paste/cream in it too thick and not runny at all. Very different from the other flavour - custard and egg yolk I have tasted before where the paste was creamy yet runny, ready to ooze out as soon as you take a bite!
R0019726 copy

lau sha pao R0019728 copy

See what I meant when I said the skin/dough was too thick?
liu sha bao, steamed bao with yam paste R0019733 copy

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao. RM5.80. Absolutely horrible. One out of the three bao's was completely dry inside, and the other two hardly had any juice left. Houston, we have leakage problem! I think this item should just be taken off the menu.
shanghai xiao long bao R0019735 copy

Where is the juice? Look at that poor, wrinkly, skinny bao :(
shanghai xiao long bao R0019737 copy

Oh well, I will just add lots of vinegar and julienned ginger on it before eating.
shanghai xiao long bao R0019743 copy

Siew Mai. RM4.00. Not very good either. Lots of chewy tendon in the meat.
siew mai / siu mai R0019747 copy

siew mai / siu mai R0019751 copy

All the 5 items above and one hot Chinese Tea came to RM22.40. I used one of my LivingSocial RM10 vouchers (= RM20 cash) so in actual, it cost me only RM12.40.

Edit: 2nd visit, and surely the last, just to use up my other RM10 voucher.

Seafood la mian, RM14.80. Three prawns, two green mussels, two scallops, calamari/squid rings and some la la clams minus shells.
seafood la mian noodle, siew kee dim sum sungai buloh R0020089 copy
The seafood just felt overcooked and tough, especially the mussels and scallops.

The la mian noodle wasn't well prepared I think. All crinkly and not straight. 
seafood la mian R0020091 copy

Porridge with century egg / pei tan chuk
porridge with century egg , pei tan chuk R0020076 copy
Nothing special. You can hardly find any century egg in it.

Gingko barley with fu chuk.
gingko barley Fu Chuk R0020078 copy

Total: RM21.10


Page 1
siew kee dim sum menu page 1 R0019745 copy
Bigger image here.

Page 2
siew kee dim sum menu page 2R0019746 copy
Bigger image here.


Restaurant Siew Kee
No. 33-G,, Jalan Nautika B,
U20/B, TSB Commercial Center
Sungai Buloh, 40160
Tel: 03-6150 7098

GPS Coordinate: 3.209489,101.572035

Google Map:

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Chicken rice @ Taman Kok Doh

I have passed by this place in Taman Kok Doh many times and always saw a good crowd there so I decided to give it a try yesterday.

R0019702 copy

I ordered poached chicken like I normally do because I really preferred the original taste and flavor of poached chicken. They gave me the wing part...grrr...I should have asked for "gai yee dou" though.

The poached chicken was quite nice and I especially like the garlic and ginger-garlic sauce they provided. Not many stalls provide this type of sauce anymore. 

chicken rice and siew yuk, taman kok doh R0019706 copy

It was a mistake ordering the siew yuk (roast pork) though. The skins were still acceptably crispy but quite tough, the rest of the parts weren't very good at all. The inner part (the reddish part) should have been trimmed off as well as they were dry and very salty. But then again, you get what you paid for. The poached chicken and siew yuk only cost me RM8. Another RM0.40 for the hot Chinese tea.
siew yuk/roast pork, chicken rice stall, taman kok doh R0019705 copy

Double boiled ham choi soup (pickled mustard green) with duck and tofu. RM8 for this pot of soup.
double boiled ham choi / ham choy duck soup R0019698 copy

I wonder why roast duck was used? Leftover? Why not just fresh, unfried duck for making soup? It tasted nice but I felt there was too much MSG in it.
ham choi / ham choy soup with duckR0019699 copy
It just feels so weird when you put something in your mouth and you immediately feels the "tastiness" of the food, almost as if the taste signal travels at broadband speed from the taste receptors on our tongue to our brain. The signal should travel at dial-up speed! :D For me, at least!

I only ordered siew yuk (roast pork) because it looked nice on this menu. Well, it looked better than it tasted, really. 

roast pork taman kok doh R0019695 copy

Many types of double boiled soups are available too! I might go try the pig stomach pepper soup some time.
soup menu, chicken rice taman kok doh R0019692 copy

chicken rice and double boiled soup, taman kok doh R0019708 copy

There is no way you will miss this place if you happen to pass by.
Cheng Kee / Tseng Kee / Zheng Kee, chicken rice, roast pork, soup, taman kok doh R0019711 copy

Soup - RM8
Poached chicken and roast pork - RM8
hot tea - RM0.40
Total: RM16.40

GPS Coordinate: 3.196101,101.665498

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Restoran De' Champion Duck @ Manjalara

So I was checking out other food blogger's posts to get ideas on what to eat, and then I saw a good review on this Restoran De' Champion Duck in Medan Putra Business Center, Menjalara. I love duck - roast duck, braised duck and anything duck :D. And I am angry at myself for not discovering this great duck place until yesterday!

I ordered a drumstick (quarter portion, RM16 i think), with some honey char siew as well. The total was RM26.10 including rice and hot Chinese Tea.
restoran de' champion duck medan putra menjalara/manjalara R0019681 copy

I am sure all of you roast duck lovers can tell by just one glance at these glistening skins that they were super crispy!
restoran de' champion duck, medan putra, manjalara/menjalara R0019683 copy
The meat was succulent and flavorful too. I don't think I will go to Onn Kee in Kepong Baru again. From now on, it's either De' Champion, or Loong Foong in Tmn Paramount.

I forgot to take the photos of the savory sauce. But let's just say that the duck and char siew were great on their own and you could do without the savory sauce or the chilli sauce. I did use a little of the savory sauce as it was quite nice - neither too sweet nor too salty, and definitely not overpowering like those served elsewhere!

The honey char siew was really good too. Not the most tender char siew I've tried but that's really a very personal and subjective preference. I think I can accept both types.

Caramelized and sweet on the outside, with the right degree of  tenderness inside. Nice to chew on.
honey char siew /bbq pork , medan putra, menjalara, kepong R0019684 copy

honey char siew /bbq pork , medan putra, menjalara, kepong  R0019685 copy

Braised duck wings and Duck feet parcel / duck feet wrap are available too. Didn't try them this time.
braised duck, and duck feet wraps R0019676 copy

You can pre-order Drunken Duck and Dongguai Duck too. I think I will try them next time!

restoran de' champion duck, medan putra, menjalara  R0019673 copy

restoran de' champion duck, medan putra, menjalara R0019674 copy


Whole bird, RM58 (April 2, 2013)
roast duck, de champion restoran R0022301 copy

Restoran De’ Champion Duck

No.10, Jalan Medan Putra 3
Medan Putra Business Centre
Bandar Menjalara, Kepong
52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 012-2732260

Business Hour: 11.30am – 9.00pm

GPS Coordinate: 3.19365,101.625177

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