Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fatty Crabs @ Taman Seputeh

Fatty Crabs is located in Taman Seputeh. This restaurant is not related to the one in Taman Megah at all. All the dishes here are Pork Free And Non-Alcoholic.

 You can order your food online too, and have your order delivered to your home. Alternately, you can also pick up your order personally. Minimum order is RM 80.00 and above. A delivery charge of RM 18.00 is applicable for orders below RM 80.00. For more info and delivery coverage area, do check out the website.

A group of us went there for a gathering last Sunday. It cost us RM50 per pax for the food you see here. Appetizer, four different styles of crab dishes, and seven other dishes. There were four or five sets of these to feed all 18 of us.

Appetizer ikan bilis R0017815 copy

Mickey Mouse crab. We were told this is a hot favourite. The cooking style is uniquely theirs. Savoury and super creamy.
Mickey Mouse crab R0017873 copy

Mickey Mouse crab R0017871 copy

Kam Heong crab
Kam Heong crab R0017866 copy

Creamy salted egg crab
Creamy salted egg crab R0017862 copy

Sweet and sour crab

Sweet and sour crab R0017855 copy

All the crab dishes were really good. The meat was firm, fresh and tasty. Franco, the boss, told us the crabs are all imported from Indonesia.

Fried mantou, to wipe the plates clean :D. Personally, I think steamed ones would have been nicer in this case.
Fried mantou R0017828 copy

Chicken wings
Chicken wings R0017853 copy

Otak otak
Otak otak R0017849 copy

Fried lala
Fried lala R0017846 copy

Curry stingray

Curry stingray R0017832 copy

Curry stingray R0017842 copy

Yin Yang Kai Lan, crispy green combined with gently stirred fried Kai Lan stems
Yin Yang Kai Lan R0017838 copy

Golden tofu with minced meat
Golden tofu with minced meat R0017835 copy

Nice, clean and cosy interior
Fatty crabs R0017821 copy

This is what the restaurant looks like from the outside. You might even have seen it if you happen to drive/ride on Jalan Syed Putra. To actually go in, however, is a little more complicated, and that's what the Google Map is for. Just study it well and you should be able to find this place. R0017808 copy

No 62, Jalan Bukit Raja
Off Jalan Taman Seputeh
Taman Seputeh
Kuala Lumpur

Opens 430pm to 930pm (Last Order)
Table reservation recommended.
Pork free and non alcoholic.

Tel: 1 300 222 100 (Toll Free)

GPS coordinate: 3.120039,101.679786

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Steamed cod fish. RM60. From subsequent visit.

steamed cod fish R0021864 copy

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hokkien Noodle @ Kim Lian Kee

There are two Kim Liam Kee outlets in Petaling Street. I have tried the newer one with air-conditioned upstairs. The Hokkien Noodle there was, honestly, quite terrible. So were a few other dishes I tried.

I had a chance to try the one on the left, right opposite the famous Loh Hon Gor herbal drink stall.

Hokkien mee Kim Lian Kee R0017805 copy

Kim Lian Kee hokkien noodle R0017799 copy

Kim Lian Kee...R0017798 copy

Google Map:

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Loa Yau Kee Porridge

I was walking from Masjid Jamek LRT station towards Petaling Street that evening when I saw Loa Yau Kee porridge stall outside Soong Kee beef ball noodle restaurant. This stall only opens in the evening! I have only tried the fish porridge in Hon Kee and was eager to compare the one so I ordered myself a bowl of fish porridge.

RM5 for this.
Loa Yao Kee fish porridge R0017791 copy

Thin slices of raw fish with dash of sesame oil
Loa Yao Kee fish porridge R0017793 copy

Just put everything into the bowl of piping hot, silky smooth porridge, and let it cook!
Loa Yau Kee porridge..R0017794 copy

Stir and wait for a couple of minutes
Loa Yau Kee porridge..R0017795 copy

Voila, the fish porridge is ready for you to chow down!
Loa Yau Kee porridge...R0017797 copy

This stall is just outside Soong Kee beef ball noodle!
Loa Yau Kee porridge...R0017790 copy

My bowl of fish porridge was really good, but would have been much better if there wasn't so much MSG it it. I was basically thirsty for the next two to three hours.

I think I still prefer the porridge at Hon Kee, Petaling Street, and its branch in Lot 10 Hutong.

However, I still want to go back and try the pork intestine porridge at Loa Yau Kee.

86, Jalan Tun H.S. Lee,
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 017-2727 507
Business Hours: Opens from Mon - Sat 5pm - 10pm. Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday.
GPS: 3.147325, 101.696701

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