Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Home made BBQ Chicken Wings

My first time making BBQ chicken wings in my turbo oven.

Chicken wings marinated with soy sauce, 5 spice powder and some white pepper for at least 4 hours.

I set my Turbo Oven to 250 deg C. After about 15 minutes, I brushed some undiluted honey on the wings. Top side first, then turned the wings over and brushed the other side as well. Then leave the wings that way and continue to grill at 250 deg C until the wings charred. You're the boss so you decided how charred your wings should be.

As for me, I like my wings moderately charred like what you see below.  Yum!

Unfortunately, I forgot to check on my chicken wings (no thanks to Facebook :P) and the wings got a little burnt.

Really tender and flavorful. I think I will be making these very often! Now, if only I can figure out how to prepare chili sauce like this for dipping!

2013-07-29 15.37.28 copy

2nd attempt. Didn't look as good as the firs time even though they tasted equally good.
2013-08-06 14.29.30 copy

Friday, July 26, 2013

Nyonya Express - Kepong Village Mall

I was at Kepong Village Mall around 1 pm one day and didn't feel like braving the heat and traffic outside. That was when I saw this little nyonya express cafe. The price seemed reasonable so I gave it a try.

Nyonya curry mee. The kitchen didn't even heat up the broth enough. Just luke warm when served. Not good.
R0023123 copy

R0023125 copy

Inside Kepong Village Mall. RM7.50 including one soft drink.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Penang Char Kueh Teow in Kepong

A member of The Makan Club on Facebook posted about authentic Penang "sar hor fun" in Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong and also mentioned that the char kueh teow there was good. Barely a few days later, I checked out both the char kueh teow and "char tua pan" (Penang style sar hor fun).

Yummy char kway teow. Full of "wok hei" and tasted very good. The "siham" (cockles) were a little overcooked but that's minor. Although it looked a little pale, the taste was very good!

2013-08-03 17.56.55 copy

A different visit. I go there quite regularly.
2013-10-19 18.02.30 copy

In fact, I think this is my fave so far compared to this, this and this.

The following day, I went back again and tried the Penang style "sar hor fun" (char tua pan). It was really nice too. RM5.50
R0023140 copy

I have also tried the Wat Dan Hor. RM6.00
2013-10-14 18.12.51 copy
Frankly I am not too sure what the difference is between Wat Dan Hor and Tua Pan :P, except this one cost 50 sen more :P. Go figure.

You can see the menu on the back of the banner! Yep, banner, not white board!
char kway teowR0023128 copy

Husband, wife and daughter team.
R0023127 copy

R0023142 copy

Top Kitchen
Jalan Burung Bebarau
Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong
Business Hours: 3:30pm to 9:30 pm. Closed on Sunday.
(Less than 50 steps from Tuck Kee dim sum)
GPS Coordinate: 3.200859,101.633331

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hock Seng Rojak - Macallum Penang

Hock Seng Rojak / Rojak King. I have heard so much about this place and I finally had a chance to taste the rojak here.

You will notice almost immediately that the rojak sauce here is not as dark as those from Gurney Drive hawker center. RM8 for this bowl.
hock seng rojak / rojak king R0023064 copy
I liked that they added dried shrimps to the rojak, but the sauce was just way too sweet for my liking. I thought it was me but when i chatted with a friend, she confirmed the same. I definitely still prefer those from Gurney Drive.

R0023061 copy

Dried shrimp, good stuff!
R0023060 copy

R0023059 copy

For take-away /to go, the sauce is packed in a separate container like this.
R0023058 copy

R0023056 copy

R0023055 copy

R0023053 copy

This mobile cart is supposed to be in front of Sin Hong Leong coffee shop, but I was early (more like they were late that day), and hadn't moved to the other side yet.
R0023050 copy

Just look for this coffee shop.
R0023052 copy

The young lady (daughter) told me that they would only operate until the end of either June or July 2013. After that they will only be supplying the rojak sauce.

Hock Seng Rojak (Rojak King),
Gat Lebuh Cicil, Penang, 
George Town, 10300Phone Number: +6016-4030724, +6016-4772472
Business Hour: 1:30 pm - 5 pm.
Closed on Mondays
GPS: 5.4062,100.331789

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chee Cheong Chook - Penang

There are only a couple of places for nice Chee Cheong Chook /Chu Chup Chuk/豬雜粥  in Penang.

New Lane 

Lorong Baru (New Lane),
Off Macalister Road, Georgetown
10040 Pulau Pinang

Business Hours: Opens daily from 5pm - 11pm. 

GPS Coordinates: 5.415009,100.326572

My favorite is the one at New Lane near Sunway Hotel, not too far from Komtar.

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Only from evening onward till late.
R0017265 copy

R0017268 copy

chu chup chuk, chee cheong chuk, RIMG0345 copy

Love the crispy deep fried intestine. Very fragrant and add a nice texture to the dish.
RIMG0346 copy

Cintra Street

My Penang friends keep telling me this one is better. I finally went there to try it.

Lunch time only. On the day I was there, the mobile cart didn't arrive till about 1 pm. I got my bowl of porridge at around 1.15pm!!!

Restoran Sin Sun Vood
Cintra Street
Lunch time only.
GPS Coordinate: 5.418518,100.333849

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It has more "liew / liao" in it, but the deep fried intestine just wasn't as crispy. And the porridge wasn't as smooth IMO.
R0023091 copy

I definitely still prefer the New Lane porridge.
R0023090 copy

R0023093 copy

R0023094 copy

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home-cooked sambal udang petai

I have tried sambal petai at so many places. Very few of them were just okay and most of them were just plain bad. Check out my past petai adventures here:

- Murni Kepong: nasi goreng with sambal udang petai
- Sri Sinar Food Court "siu chao"
- Restoran Double Seven, Sri Bintang
- Madam Lim's Kitchen, Kepong Village Mall.

So what has been stopping me from cooking this at home? The sambal, of course.  Not that it's very difficult, just that quite many ingredients are required. I will look into the possibility of making enough for a two or three cooking sessions and have the remainder kept in the freezer. 

Delimas sambal tumis pack. 120g. RM3.19(?) at Tesco
2013-07-09 12.43.38 copy
Contains MSG (E621) as flavour enhancer, contains lactic acid (E270) as permitted acidity regulator, contains Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate (E1442) as permitted thickener and sodium benzoate (E211) as permitted preservative. Wow...I think I won't read the label again next time. LOL

The other brand, Home Taste (Nyonya). 3 packs (180g each) for RM10
2013-07-10 10.36.23 copy
It says no preservative, no coloring on the packet. What do you think?

Pre-peeled petai. 140 gram pack for RM5 at Kepong Baru wet market
2013-07-10 10.35.07 copy

Pre-peeled shrimps. About 180-200 gram for RM8, also from Kepong Baru wet market
2013-07-10 10.37.00 copy

The results:

Delimas is slightly spicier than Home Taste, and redder too! Taste wise, both are about a hundred times better than all those I have tasted outside.
2013-07-05 12.18.23 copy

R0023155 copy

Home Taste sambal sauce: The result with Home Taste sambal sauce. Not as spicy as Delimas but everything just seems more natural.
2013-07-10 12.49.41 copy

From now on, I will be having petai more often :D

Sunday, July 7, 2013

LP Noodle Station Selayang Baru

What is it with some restaurants and their names? Steam "King", Noodle "Palace",  "One" la mian...etc etc. .

And this one.....the English/Malay name - LP Noodle Station - is okay. It's the Chinese name that bothers me - 至尊麵! 至尊 means supreme, ace or something like that.

The name piqued my curiosity so I decided to check out the restaurant. Naturally, I ordered a noodle dish, even though I saw mainly rice dishes on the wall menu.

Hakka Noodle. Well, nothing impressive about the noodle and the wonton at all.
hakka noodle R0022913 copy

In fact, I would say it's quite forgettable. I don't think I will order this again even if I come back here.
R0022915 copy

R0022918 copy

The wild boar curry was quite okay though.
R0022919 copy

R0022923 copy

Not cheap though. It came to RM12.00 if i remember correctly for all you see above, and a glass of hot Chinese tea.

No1, SJ1, Taman Selayang Jaya, 
Batu Caves, Selayang, 68100
GPS Coordinate: 3.238766,101.650607

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Soon Lai Seafood - Batu Lanchang

I met up with friends from Foodie Friends International facebook group for dinner not too long ago. This restaurant was recommended by one of the members. I didn't know where it was but it was among the food POIs in my gps navigator so it was a piece of cake getting there:D

Sorry I forgot to take a photo of the facade. Maybe next time since I know I will definitely go back to this place again! The business was very good, nearly full house even on a Thursday night.

Sweet and Sour crab
sweet and sour crab R0023077 copy

Stir fried Chinese Lettuce (Yau Mak)
R0023076 copy

Chinese chives pancake
R0023075 copy

Deep fried mantis shrimp coated with salty egg yolk
R0023074 copy

Nyonya style steamed red snapper. Yum. My favorite but as my friends commented, it would be nicer if the sauce were more concentrated!
R0023073 copy

Thai style pork knuckle. Very tender. Nice!
thai style pork knuckle R0023071 copy

Sea snail
sea snail R0023070 copy

Marmite chicken, I think.
R0023069 copy

Other dishes on the menu
R0023066 copy

Total: RM284 including a jug of kedondong juice / ambarella juice.

Soon Lai Seafood (顺来本地海鲜)
15, Lintang Batu
Greenlane, 11600
Contact no. : 046589799, 0164413666, 0124773063
Business Hour: 6 pm - 12 am
Opens daily
GPS: 5.391505,100.306571

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