Saturday, September 29, 2012

Char Kueh Teow Section 17

I seldom order Char Kueh Teow in KL/PJ because almost all of them are really no good at all, even though most claim they are from Penang :D. After a lot of googling, I finally found a place that most food bloggers seem to recommend.

So I made it there yesterday.

Robert's char kueh teow, Say Huat coffee shop, Section 17
robert's char kueh teow section 17 say huat coffee shop R0018936 copy

It has all the essential ingredients of a good char kueh teow: lap cheong (Chinese sausage), cockles, prawns; chives, bean sprouts, lards. Oh, Roberts speaks Penang Hokkien too!

say huat section 17 char kueh teow R0018935 copy

However, I notice that there was no banana leaf in my plate. From what I saw in other blogger's photos, banana leaves were used.

robert's char kueh teow R0018931 copy

robert's char kueh teow R0018932 copy

Anyway, I find it just okay. A bit too dry (probably not enough oil?) and not enough wok hei. Still good enough to satisfy my craving whenever I feel like having a plate of  CKT. The other place I recommend is near Taman Metropolitan Batu, near Jalan Ipoh. The location is here. I will go there again and do a more post on this one.

Edit: i have since tried more CKTs from quite a few outlets and the one I like the best is this one.

The serving was quite small so I ordered a bowl of asam laksa. It was not too bad.

asam laksa R0018942 copy

Restaurant Say Huat
1083, Jalan 17/29
46400 Selangor

Available from lunch time onwards till about 9pm.

GPS Coordinate: 3.129142,101.634554

Google Map:

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Onn Kee Roast Duck Kepong Baru

A friend of mine told me about this roast duck place that also has ngap keok pau. Hmm...did you say ngap keok pau? :D

Roast duck)and ngap keok pau. If you love ngap keok pau, check out this one too.
Onn Kee Roast Duck Kepong Baru R0018920 copy

I think I like the ngap keok pau here better. It has that slightly crunchy texture (from the intestine wrap) that the other one didn't have. But try both yourself.
Roast duck Onn Kee kepong baru R0018918 copy

The roast duck was quite good and not dry. The skin wasn't very crispy though. Not really fond of the dark, sweet, salty savoury sauce which seems to be very popular among those roast duck outlets.

Make sure you check out the roast duck in Loong Foong. Juicy and the skin was really crispy!

kepong baru onn kee siew ngap roast duck R0018922 copy

Onn Kee roast duck kepong baru R0018911 copy


Photos from different visits:

Pi Pa Roast Duck (Pei Pa Ngap)  this time.
R0018983 copy

Pei Pa Ngap (PiPa Roast duck).  The skin wasn't really very crispy. Still prefer the one in Loong Foong.
Onn Kee roast duck kepong baru, pei par ngap R0018983 copy

A closer look at the ngap geok bau.
ngap keok pau duck feet parcel R0018985 copy


Lot 209, Jalan Kepong Baru,
52100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-62585227
       019-311 6616,
       012-619 6202

GPS Coordinate: 3.20839,101.645594

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Gyuniku Beef Noodle - Sri Hartamas

It was my first time in this beef specialty restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas. Never knew it existed until a friend told me about it!

After browsing the menu for a while, I decided to go for one of the few sets available. This one was RM12 and include a spring roll appetizer, beef noodle, red bean soup dessert, and a glass of cold herbal drink.

Spring Roll. Not fond of the chewy skin. Prefer the Penang style popiah.
spring roll gyuniku 2012-09-18 13.50.09 copy

Beef noodle. Quite good.
beef noodle 2012-09-18 13.52.25 copy

beef noodle 2012-09-18 13.53.21 copy

Red beans soup with tong yuen, I think. I liked it.
red bean with tong yuen 2012-09-18 14.05.46 copy

I liked the food and the set meal was quite affordable. I am sure I will be back to try those other dishes!

Many other dishes available: beef tendon noodle soup, braised beef brisket mui choy, ox tongue noodle soup, braised beef brisket & tendon, mixed beef noodle soup, beef herbal tea claypot rice, beef ball noodle soup, sauteed beef brisket & tendon rice, beef shank noodle soup, sauteed beef rice, sliced beef noodle soup, beef porridge, beef brisket wanton noodle, minced beef lou swee fun, vegetable roll, koay teow t'ng, popiah, sauteed chicken rice, etc.
gyuniku beef specialty restaurant sri hartamas  2012-09-18 14.06.02 copy

Gyuniku beef restaurant sri hartamas2012-09-18 14.14.32 copy

gyuniku beef specialty restaurant sri hartamas 2012-09-18 14.14.47 copy

20, Jalan 28/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2300 0122

GPS Coordinate: 3.16308,101.649067

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Hasan's rojak and cendol Sea Park

I actually went to Sea Park to look for the Penang Laksa from a seller on a van but maybe I looked at the wrong place, or maybe it was not open that day.

After looking around in vain, I decided to try the rojak here.

Mine was with sotong (cuttle fish). RM4.80. Not sure why I did that. Never a fan of cuttle fish. To me it's just rubbery and rather tasteless. I like the dry, grilled cuttlefish though.

Not sure why they need a plastic sheet over the plate here? Not only is this practice not environmentally friendly, it's also very irritating when the sides of the plastic sheet flap in the wind when you try to enjoy your food.

Not very nice I must say. The fritters just weren't that well prepared and fried. All the flavor came from the MSG-rich sauce!
hasan's rojak sea park PJ R0018805 copy

Nothing to shout about here, really.
hasan's rojak sea park R0018801 copy

Cendol, RM1.50. Very ordinary. The shaved ice was coarse. I prefer my cendol noodle to be jelly-like like this one. Also not fond of the tiny kidney beans. Er..what's the maize doing here? I thought I ordered cendol, not ABC.

cendol R0018806 copy

mobile stall hasan's rojak sea park R0018791 copy

R0018796 copy

hasan's rojak prices R0018789 copy

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Loong Foong roast duck - Tmn Paramount

I love duck and this place has been on my "must try" list for the longest time. Finally, I got a chance to try it a couple of days ago!

The skin is really crispy and the meat  tender, flavorful and not dry like the one in Sunrise.
roast duck siew ngap loong foong restaurant taman paramount R0018821 copy

siew ngap loong foong taman paramount R0018820 copy

I forgot how much but it was like RM6.80 for the duck and a plate of rice, not including the drink.

You can either sit out here (no air conditioner) or inside (air-conditioned). This place also serves other dishes but since I was alone, I ordered only roast duck and nothing else.

R0018814 copy

I think the reason why the meat was moist and tender was because the ducks were roasted with juice in the cavities. Prior to cutting/chopping the duck, this guy would pull out the sealing pin and poke it near the rear end of the duck to let all the juice out.

taman paramount roast duck loong foong restaurant R0018813 copythe

1 Jalan 20/13, Paramount Garden,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
GPS: 3.106085, 101.625595
Tel: 03-7876 9045 / 012-202-9045

Opening hours:
4.30pm-9pm. (closed alternate Sundays)

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ban Lee Bak Kut Teh - Sri Sinar

This is the place I normally go to whenever I feel like having Bak Kut Teh.

Served in claypot, piping hot!
ban lee bak kut teh BKT taman sri sinar R0018776 copy

The herbal taste is neither too strong nor weak. Just right for me!
BKT ban lee bak kut teh (wan li xiang) R0018775 copy

bak kut teh taman sri sinar R0018767 copy

RM12.30 for the BKT, a bowl of steamed rice and a glass of cold herbal drink.

The shop is the same row (but different block) as Hor Poh Restaurant. Also same street as Kah Hin Vietnamese restaurant.
BKT taman sri sinar R0018766 copy

Only open for dinner and supper.

GPS coordinate: 3.189076,101.653426

22, Jalan6/38D.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Duck Feet Parcel - Sze Ngan Chye

Ngap Kiok Pau (Duck feet parcel / roll / wrap). RM1.50 each. Duck livers  wrapped onto web of the duck feet using duck intestine. The dark and stick sauce was sweet and salty, but really savoury if not a little over-powering. But I guess that's necessary for something as plain as liver.

RM 1.50 each.
ngap kiok pau, duck feet parcel R0018727 copy

Sze ngan chye ngap kiok pau R0018718 copy

Besides duck feet parcels, roast ducks are available too but I have never tried it.
petaling street roast duck sze ngan chye ngap geok pau / ngap geok bau R0018720 copy

This is the stall
Sze ngan chye ngap kiok bau / ngap kiok pau R0018722 copy

Stall #85, 6 am to 4 pm daily
Sze Ngan Chye ngap geok pau / ngap geok bau business hours R0018723 copy

GPS Coordinate: 3.144102,101.697698


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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shogun Japanese Buffet - Solaris

RM35 Groupon buffet lunch (week days) at Shogun, Solaris. This place used to be called Tenji. A post on my last two late dinner visit there can be found here. The usual price (nett) according to Shogun/Saisaki website is RM 48.56 (nett).

The premise now occupies only half the area it used to. The other half (the first half) is now an Arabic restaurant.

Compared to the late dinner, quite a few items were missing from the menu as well. No tuna sashimi, no raw oysters, no scallop, no Baskin Robbins and Haagen Dazs ice cream. Also missing were the a la carte items like cod fish, pomfret etc.You order what you want by leaving your table number plate in the bowl and the staff would work on it and bring the dish to your table.

There were more items on the menu but I only go for my usual favorites.

I always go for the sashimi first.
Shogun japanese buffet Solaris Mont Kiara R0018685 copy

Some deep fried stuff
shogun japanese buffet solaris mont kiara R0018681 copy

The sea cucumber was artificial ones. Yuck :D
R0018688 copy

R0018691 copy

Gelato and chocolate covered candy/cookie. Nothing special about the gelato.
R0018697 copy

Edit: went back there on a Saturday. Weekend price was RM49 nett. There are additional items on the buffet spread that are not available during week days. They are oysters (you need to place order for these from the staff), unagi, tuna. There may be other items I wasn't aware of as I only "concentrated" on these few items that I liked :D

Chuka Idako, seasoned baby octopus
chuka idako seasoned baby octopus R0019062 copy

chuka idako seasoned baby octopus R0019061 copy

Fresh oyster
fresh oysters R0019065 copy

fresh oysters R0019050 copy

oysters R0019030 copy

oysters R0019029 copy

Unagi, eel.
unagi eel R0019025 copy

unagi, eel R0019027 copy

A few Tempura items
tempura R0019056 copy

Green mussel and patin fish (Pangasius spp. )
green mussel and patin fish R0019043 copy

Poached prawns, baked mussel with cheese, and clam.
prawns, baked mussel with cheese and clam R0019041 copy

tuna, salmon, butter fish sashimi R0019033 copy