Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Penang Char Kueh Teow - Damansara Perdana

Char kueh teow / char kway teow / char kuey teow / char koay teow, or whatever you want to call it, at Restoran 8888, Damansara Perdana. The owner is from Penang.

The char kueh teow looked great, and tasted quite good too. But not as much "wok hei" as I would have liked. Probably because I got there ahead of the lunch crowd and was the first place he fried for the day?
char kueh teow / char kway teow / char kuey teow / char koay teow at restoran 8888, damansara perdana R0019393 copy

But it was still very good and I have no doubt I will go back there again and I am ready to brave the Damansara Perdana traffic and parking woes.
char kueh teow / char kway teow / char kuey teow / char koay teow at restoran 8888, damansara perdana R0019399 copy

3 medium prawns. RM 4.50 per late. I must have gotten too excited and actually forgot to ask for duck egg instead.
char kueh teow / char kway teow / char kuey teow / char koay teow at restoran 8888, damansara perdana R0019397 copy

I think his name in Frankie. I like the CKT here better than the one in Section 17.
char kueh teow / char kway teow / char kuey teow / char koay teow at restoran 8888, damansara perdana R0019391 copy

char kueh teow / char kway teow / char kuey teow / char koay teow at restoran 8888, damansara perdana R0019388 copy

There are two Restoran 8888, back to back.
char kueh teow / char kway teow / char kuey teow / char koay teow at restoran 8888, damansara perdana R0019415 copy

Google Map:

GPS Coordinate: 3.16478,101.606734

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crappy crabs - De Foodland Manjalara

De Foodland is supposed to be a crab specialty restaurant. I went there once during lunch time but they were not open. They open only for dinner! My friend and I had dinner there just a couple of days ago. We had high expectation of this place because it seemed very famous and popular from most bloggers' reviews online.

At first we wanted our crabs to be baked. I really can't think of any other better ways of enjoying nice fresh crabs other than this way. To our disappointment and surprise, the staff told us that they don't serve crabs this way, so we had to choose from the other 30 fancy flavours :(. We went for salted egg yolk instead. Minimum order is 2 crabs.

The crabs with salted egg yolk was very different and rather bland. No sign of the crabs having been deep fried before and they seemed wetter than similar dishes I have had at all other places. RM74.40
de food land manjalara crabs with salted egg yolk  R0019339 copy

We were told that these were Indonesian crabs, but the quality was really inferior compared to what I had at this other place before.

We suspected that one of the two crabs was not fresh. The crab was hollow and the meat was soft, soggy, and flaky. I rinsed off the coating and took some photographs of it. See the last few images.
de foodland manjalara crabs with salted egg yolk R0019335 copy

The sang har meen was so so only, and cost RM35 for a one person portion! The flesh was a little too hard. Probably overcooked?
de food land sang har meen / sang har mee  R0019326 copy

I was told that you can have really good one at Soo Kee , Soo Kee's son (Meng Chuan) and Keong Kee in Jln Imbi for RM25, single portion! They are on my to-try list :D
sang har mee, sang har meen R0019330 copy

Stir fried eggplant. RM10. Not too bad but the dried shrimps in it were very hard and rubbery!
de food land / de foodland, stir fried eggplant R0019325 copy

Now, the images of the crab we suspected was not fresh.
de food land / de foodland R0019354 copy

As mentioned earlier, I rinsed off the coating so I could see what it was like underneath.
crappy crabs at de food land / de foodland R0019353 copy

crappy crabs at de foodland / de food land R0019350 copy

de food land / de foodland R0019349 copy

de foodland / de food land R0019348 copy

De Foodland, Menjalara, crabs R0019459 copy

Google Map:

GPS Coordinate: 3.192662,101.638893

Tel: 03-62744796, 016-2331141

25 & 27, Jalan 3/62B
Bandar Sri Menjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur

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Monday, October 29, 2012

James Cendol - Old Klang Road

I posted about my bad cendol experience at Peggy's in PJ Old Town Medan Selera. A few people suggested that I try out James Cendol over at Old Klang Road. I found the address and gps coordinates from google and entered it into my Garmin, but still, it took me more han 20 minutes to locate the place! Turned out it was on the other side of Lee Chong Wei sports arena, the side facing Old Klang Road.

Finally, the cendol, with pulut (glutinous rice) too! RM3.00
james cendol at old klang road R0019265 copy
I am sure you could tell that the shaved ice was too coarse and the cendol noodles were too soft and soggy! Not much of gula melaka syrup (palm sugar) either!Very little santan (coconut milk) as well.

The best cendol noodle I have had so far is at this stall at Lebuh Presgrave, Penang. Nice, translucent and jelly-like.

About the only thing that I like was the coconut shell bowl the cendol was served in. Really nice!
james cendol old klang roadR0019264 copy

I must admit that I have only tried cendol with pulut once before. That was in Kulim, and that one was much better than this one by miles. Cheaper too.
james cendol at old klang road near lee chong wei sports arena R0019260 copy

Rojak pasembur. RM4.00. The fritters were so dry and chewy :(, and lack of flavor.
rojak pasembur R0019272 copy

rojak pasembur R0019268 copy

This place was clean and airy though.
cendolR0019256 copy

james cendol R0019258 copy

GPS Coordinates: 3.081365,101.662785

You might not be able to find James Cendol even with the gps coordinates. Remember, it's just next to Lee Chong Wei sports areana, not on the Seri Sentosa side, but the Old Klang Road side! From Sri Sentosa side, just enter LCW sports arena and out the other gate, you will see a basket ball field and James Cendol. You can also come in from OKR if you are heading towards

Google map:

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ampang Tandoori Chicken

Ever since I tasted how wonderful good tandoori can be in a high end northern Indian restaurant, I was hooked. Unfortunately, good ones are hard to find. Not too long ago, I was informed about this outlet opposite Ampang Point which served good tandoori at reasonable price. Finally, I had  a chance to check it out last night!

Tandoori chicken, 2 pieces, chopped. RM10 for two pieces.
tandoori chicken R0019302 copy

The tandoori chicken was very good. Well marinated, tender and not dry. Quite a bit of MSG though.
chicken tandoori, ampang point R0019300 copy

It was so good I almost wanted to order one more piece but decided not too :D
tandoori chicken R0019297 copy

Garlic naan (RM2.50) and cheese naan (RM4.50). We ordered one each so we could share and enjoy both types :)
garlic naan and cheese naan R0019296 copy
The naans were quite thin. The garlic naan was quite dry. The cheese naan was okay, of course, because of the cheese in it. The gravy and mint sauce were really no good though. Too watered out, not hot and very stingy portion.

Expect to wait about 10 to 15 minutes for your tandoori chicken.
tandoori urn R0019289 copy

Starts selling at night and it was still very packed even after 830pm. Just look around and you will notice that all the tables ordered tandoori chicken!
R0019288 copy

R0019286 copy

R0019283 copy

Location: Just directly opposite Ampang Point, i.e on the other side of Jalan Ampang.

Opens at night only.

GPS Coordinate: 3.157147,101.750084

Google Map:

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sirloin Steak - Outback BB Park

I spotted a nice deal for sirloin steak at Outback on Groupon a few days ago, or maybe it was Living Social :D. Since it had been ages since I last had a good steak, I purchased the deal and also told a few friends about it. They bought it as well and a few days later, we were all there together to enjoy our steak!

I ordered mine medium rare like I also do.
sirloin steak, medium rare, Outback steak house R0019237 copy

It came with two sides. Vegetables
sirloin steak, medium rare, outback steak house R0019234 copy

and mashed potatoes
sirloin steak, medium rare, outback steak house  R0019239 copy

Say "Aah"!
sirloin steak, medium rare, outback steak house R0019245 copy

outback steak house R0019220 copy

outback steak house, upstairs seating too R0019219 copy

outback steak house interior R0019218 copy

outback steak house interior R0019217 copy

The deal was RM28 for the steak only. Another RM7.90 for free flow iced lemon tea. The steak was pretty good with nice flavour but I wish it were more tender though.

The service, however, left much to be desired. We didn't get any refill on our iced lemon tea for at least a couple of hours, until we asked one of the staff if refill was allowed?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nasi Lemak - Tmn Sri Sinar

I have passed by this place many times and the business there always seemed quite good. Finally, my curiosity got the better part of me and I stopped by there yesterday for an early dinner before my macro session.

I ordered the nasi lemak. Nice and simple with sunny-side-up fried egg, on a small piece of banana leaf too!
indian nasi lemak taman sri sinar segambut R0019205 copy

I ordered mutton curry as well.
mutton curry and nasi lemak, taman sri sinar segambut R0019209 copy

mutton curry and nasi lemak, taman sri sinar segambut R0019213 copy

road side shack indian nasi lemak taman sri sinar R0019204 copy

The nasi lemak, a small saucer plate of mutton curry, and a glass of iced lemon tea cost me RM7.80. Quite expensive I think considering this was just a road side shack! This was my first time there, and will be the last time as well I suspect. The other place - Sri Sinar Curry House -  is much cheaper and just as good in my opinion.

GPS Coordinate: 3.19339,101.64477

Google Map:

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dim Sum - Maluri Kepong

A friend of mine told me about this dim sum place in Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong so I decided to give it a try today.

Siu mai. Quite bad, dry and hard. Tasted like there was a lot of MSG in it as well.
siu mai, dim sum R0019153 copy

Chu Cheong Fun. The noodle was soft and smooth enough but dry at certain spot. Not freshly made because the steamer was outside and not in use. Still okay though. It was the deep fried shallot that totally ruined this dish. The shallot was stale and tough and chewy.
chu cheong fun, chee cheong fun, dim sum R0019148 copy

Only Chinese name on the banner: Tong Sheng. But i got this from the receipt: Tong Sheng Delight.
Tang Cheng, dim sum outlet Maluri Kepong R0019143 copy

dim sum taman bukit maluri kepong R0019154 copy

dim sum taman bukit maluri kepong R0019157 copy

The chee cheong fun (3.60), siu mai (3.20)  and a glass of hot Chinese tea (0.40) cost me RM7.20. Not bad I guess.

This is only a few stores away from Leong Yun. For location map, please refer to that post.


Jalan 6/37A Kawasan Perindustrian
Taman Bukit Maluri Kepong
52100 Kuala Lumpur

GPS Coordinate: 3.198427,101.636984

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Fifteen Tower Tauge Chicken - Ipoh

I was in Ipoh one evening and thought of going for taugeh chicken at Cowan Street. I got there are around 6:30pm but there was totally no sign that it was going to open. Then I thought about Fifteen Tower. Even though I had never been there, finding the place was quite easy as I had the location under my Garmin's POIs.

Firm yet tender poached chicken at Fifteen Tower Tauge Chicken, Ipoh
fifteen tower taugeh chicken, tauge chicken  ipoh nga choy kai R0019180 copy

Silky smooth flat noodle (hor fun). The soup was a little too sweet though but still not too bad. Some MSG in it from what I can tell during and after eating.
fifteen tower taugeh chicken, nga choi kai R0019179 copy

Plump, juicy, crunchy nga choy/ bean sprout that I can't seem to get elsewhere but only in Ipoh!
nga choi kai, nga choy kai, taugeh, tauge, bean sprout R0019174 copy

Price: RM8 only for what you see here. Drink not included.

Start selling from 7pm onwards
Fifteen tower taugeh chicken /tauge chicken R0019185 copy

Look for this small hawker center just by the road side.
fifteen tower taugeh chicken R0019168 copy

GPS Coordinate: 4.59573, 101.07011

Google Map:

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