Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kedai Makan SINKI - Dengkil

I was googling for nice food to try out in Dengkil since I knew I would be making trips to the LCCT. Kedai Makan Sinki came out high on the list.

One of the signature dishes, Chili Fish. RM22
chili fish R0022113 copy
It was nice, but still I think it's over-rated. I guess deep frying is really not my thing. I don't mind it once in a while though.

Steamed sang har /fresh water prawns and yellow wine. Absolutely yummy. RM44 for this but totally worth it. The flesh was nice, firm and fresh.
Steamed sang har prawns R0022109 copy

I notice that they sell mixed rice too.
SINKI dengkil R0022108 copy

It was quite packed on a Friday noon!
Kedai makan SINKI, Dengkil R0022107 copy

RM75 for the fish, prawns, one small Tiger beer and one herbal drink.
Kedai Makan SINKI, Dengkil R0021855 copy

No 96, Jalan Besar,
43800, Selangor
Tel: 87688268
HP: 012-2667161

Closed every Tuesday, and also on the 1st and 15th of Lunar Calendar dates.

GPS Coordinates: 2.85856,101.679816

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Restoran Min Kee - Gopeng

Another nice eatery we discovered on our last day in Gopeng. However, after being in the restaurant for a while, I recalled having been there once many many years ago!

Steamed Herbal chicken. Very nice. RM7.00
herbal steamed chicken R0022098 copy

I saw the roasted ducks and roasted pork as well so I ordered those too. Bad mistake!
R0022095 copy

Roasted duck. Dry and not very flavorful.
roasted duck R0022100 copy

The siew yuk/roasted pork wasn't very nice either. The skin was quite hard and not crunchy.
siew yuk, roasted pork R0022102 copy
RM7 for the roasted duck and roasted pork.

The bill came to RM24.40 including 3 plates of rice and 3 herbal drinks. Very good price.

I saw fish head curry too but we already ordered chicken, duck and pork by then and definitely no room for another dish! But I know I will stop by in Gopeng for this the next time I go up north!
fish head curry R0022096 copy

restoran min kee gopeng R0022093 copy

restoran min kee gopeng R0022090 copy

Edit: 2nd visit to Min Kee

Grouper fish head curry, the thick and lemak type. RM27 for this alone, not including rice nor drink!!! Too pricey I think.
grouper fish head curry R0022652 copy
The flesh was quite tough. Overall, I think it's not worth the price.

gopeng min kee fish head curry R0022647 copy

Min Kee Restaurant
No. 61,Jalan Tasik (High Street), Gopeng, 31600, Perak, Malaysia
Tel: 05-3593212
HP: 016-5994096

GPS coordinate: 4.474602,101.166274

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Restoran Peng Yew - Gopeng

I came to know about this restaurant when I saw my friends posting food photos from this restaurant. I was particularly attracted by the Yong Lam Pou (mutton belly in claypot) and sambal petai (stinky beans). Unfortunately, both items were not available on the night of our visit :(

Stir fried snakehead fish fillets with spring onions and ginger. Really yummy stuff! RM36
stir fried snakehead fish fillet with spring onions R0022053 copy

Fish bone wine soup. The bony parts of the fish were deep fried and then cooked in yellow wine soup. RM7
snakehead fish soup R0022049 copy

Stir fried celery. RM8
stir fried celery R0022062 copy

Ham Yu Fa Lam Pou (Salted fish and pork belly in claypot). RM12
ham yu fa lam pou R0022059 copy

The bill came to RM79.90 including one large Tiger beer, one tea and 3 plates of rice.

restoran peng yew gopeng R0022045 copy

restoran peng yew gopeng R0022043 copy

Restoran Peng Yew
50, Jalan Aman, Desa Lawan Kuda
31600 Gopeng, Perak
Tel: 016-5321520, 012-4682310

GPS Coordinate: 4.452156,101.15303

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Kin Hong Food and Drink center Gopeng

Kin Hong is located in Kopisan, Gopeng. We got there at 7am on a Thursday and the place was almost full!

Many varieties to choose from.
kin hong food and drink center, gopeng R0022072 copy

R0022070 copy

Hakka yong tau fu...many different varieties to choose from.
hakka yong tau fu R0022076 copy

kin hong yong tau fu R0022077 copy

yong tau fu R0022078 copy
I found the yong tau fu really very ordinary. Nothing special at all.

We had lai fun to go with all the yong tau fu. The lai fun here was much thicker than the usual type but really soft. A little too soggy for my liking.
kin hong, lai fun R0022079 copy
3 bowls of lai fun and all the other items you saw above came to about RM12.xx. Quite cheap. Drinks not included.

kedai kopi minuman and makanan kin hong R0022075 copy

kin hong food and drink center R0022073 copy


Jalan Pasar, Kopisan Baru, 31600 Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia

GPS Coordinate: 4.462538,101.161205

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Chicken congee, Gopeng Food Court

I used to think that Gopeng (and Kampar) were ghost towns until recently, when a friend showed us around town to check out some eateries. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many hidden treasures in the little town of Gopeng. I know I will be skipping Ipoh when I travel up north again next time!

We had only two days and one night in Gopeng but we managed to try out a few outlets.

The first one was this chicken congee from the Gopeng Food Court near the wet market (?). A little raw but still very nice. Lean, flavorful meat.
poached chicken R0022025 copy

congee / porridge R0022029 copy

congee /porridge R0022030 copy

There was no signage at this stall. Stall M21.
chicken congee /porridge stall, gopeng pasar R0022024 copy

Only RM16.70 for 3 bowls of congee/porridge and the plate of poached chicken you saw above.

Location: inside the Gopeng Pasar /wet market.

GPS Coordinate: 4.47522,101.168214

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Smokehouse, Fraser's Hill

I have stayed in Ye Olde Smokehouse before and also dined there as well many many years ago. Love that place. However, I actually haven't had tea there so on a recent trip to Fraser's Hill, I made it a point to enjoy an afternoon tea there.

Tea set for two. RM33. Two scones with strawberry jam, cream, and one brownie, one orange cake, one Earl Grey cake and one apple pie. 3pm to 6 pm only.
Tea set for two, Smokehouse R0021959 copy
10% service charge and 6% Government taxes apply!

The scones were nice and warm, but the rest were no good. Dry and even a little stale.
tea set for two R0021958 copy

tea set for two R0021957 copy

tea set for two R0021956 copy

But Smokehouse is such a lovely place and the ambiance is just wonderful. I would go back there again! Maybe I'll just order the scones and not the other cakes.
smokehouse, fraser's hill R0021968 copy

smokehouse menu R0021938 copy

smokehouse menu R0021942 copy

smokehouse menu  R0021944 copy

smokehouse menu R0021943 copy

smokehouse menu R0021941 copy

smokehouse menu R0021940 copy

smokehouse menu R0021939 copy

Ye Olde Smokehouse
Jalan Jeriau, 49000 Bukit Fraser,
Pahang Darul Makmur, MALAYSIA.
Tel : 609-362 2226     Fax : 609-362 2035

GPS Coordinates: 3.71879,101.740319

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Kedai Kopi IUI - Dengkil

Kedai Kopi IUI is located on Jalan Besar, Dengkil. It's right next to the famous restaurant, Sin Ki.

I ordered one sang yuk pau and one mui choy pau each at first.
Dengkil pau R0021842 copy
You will notice that the pastry was a little yellowish and not snow white like what you would get in most dim sum places. Bleached flour is used to make that kind of white pau.

Sang Yuk Pau 生肉包. Yummy and only lean pork was used. 
sang yuk pau 生肉包 R0021849 copy
I also ordered a bowl of red bean soup.

sang yuk pau 生肉包 R0021846 copy

Mui Choy Pau (梅菜包). Very nice too.
Mui Choy pao R0021845 copy

Yau Char Gwai (You Tiao,油条). Crispy outside yet soft and tender inside. Not chewy like what you would get at most other places.
yau char guai R0021851 copy

you tiao R0021850 copy

Menu and prices
Menu and prices R0021840 copy

The frying was done outside where everyone can see it. You can see how clear the oil was before deciding whether to go for the fried you tiao and hum chin peng.
Dengkil Pau R0021839 copy

Dengkil Pau R0021838 copy

Only RM6.70 for one sang yuk pau, one mui choy pau, one yau char gwai and a bowl of red bean soup. I didn't try the hum chin peng as I was quite full already.

Kedai Kopi IUI, Dengkil R0021853 copy

No 95, Jalan Besar Dengkil,
43800 Selangor.

GPS Coordinate: 2.85856,101.679816

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