Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Steam King

...with steamed fish.

The restaurant I am talking about is Steam King in Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. It's on the street right next to where Ben's Steamed Fish Head is.

I ordered "song yu" (fresh water carp) but they didn't have it. I settled for a "pak so kong" (catfish). This place definitely offers more frills than Ben's Fish Head. I was served peanuts as appetiser, cut raw chilli and minced garlic in nice little plates, and soup before my meal, then barley as dessert after my meal.

As with all steamed fish dishes, as long as the fish was fresh and you do a decent job steaming it, it can't get too bad. The catfish was steamed Cantonese style. Plain and simple, yet so tasty. The saltiness of the special soy sauce for steaming fish really brought out the taste in the fish. However, I felt that the fish was slightly over-steamed as the flesh was a little bit on the chewy side.

 The bill came to slightly more than 30.00RM. I can't quite remember as it was more than a week ago. Frankly, I still prefer the no-frill shop such as Ben's. I could get better fish at cheaper price - less than 20RM.