Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cowan Street Taugeh Chicken, Ipoh

I think this is one of the best taugeh chicken shops in Ipoh. Way better that the touristy Lou Wong and Onn Kee.

bean sprout chicken IMG_8228 copy

bean sprout chicken IMG_8226

cowan street tauge chicken ipoh IMG_8235 copy

The tauge was plumb and as crunchy, as always but the chicken wasn't as good though..maybe i should have avoided drumstick.

Total damage RM10.70
cowan street nga choi gai IMG_8231 copy

cowan street nga choi kai IMG_8239 copy

This place seems to open only at night from 7pm and onwards. Drove by at noon a couple of times and they were closed.

Location Map:

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GPS Coordinate: 4.597372,101.085869