Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Remember 126 Restaurant Bukit Tinggi

Remember 126 Restaurant, Kampung Bukit Tinggi is my favorite place for a makan stopover whenever we travel on the Karak Highway!

Stir fried sai yeung choi (watercress). So simple yet so wonderful!
sai yeung choi watercress stir fried R0011766 copy

stir fried sai yeung choy , watercress R0019901 copy

Fish paste soup noodle with loads of ginger in it. Great for purging out stomach wind:)
fish paste noodle in ginger soup bukit tinggi R0011771 copy

ginger soup noodle with fish paste R0019889 copy

Yummy dry noodle with crispy, crunchy deep fried pork slices. Heh..i used to think these were crackers:D
remember 126 restaurant bukit tinggi dry noodle R0011776 copy

3 dishes above plus 2 100Plus, RM19.60.

This place is famous for its fish too i think. Frogs as well.

Edit: food from separate visits

We went there on busy Sunday afternoon at about 4pm and the food quality was not very good! Long wait too...about 40 minutes of waiting I think.

Lovely, but too bad no lap cheong :P
fried rice R0019904 copy

Sang Po Tilapia...nice but definitely far from the best I have tried. 
 sang po tilapia, claypot tilapiaR0019892 copy

Marmite chicken
marmite chicken R0019883 copy

Fried tanghoon (glass noodle) with la la clam.
fried tanghoon (glass noodle) with la la clam R0022116 copy

Remember One Two Six Restaurant:
PT3347, Kg Bukit Tinggi
28750 Bentong, Pahang
Handphone: 012-225 1894
                     016-951 6818

Restoran 126 bukit tinggi

 Restoran 126 bukit tinggi

Some of the dishes available
2013-05-01 11.47.27 copy

Types of fish available and the rates. I believe mostly farmed types unless otherwise mentioned. Best to enquire before ordering.
2013-05-01 11.47.14 copy

restoran 126, kampung bukit tinggi Pahang, 2013-05-01 11.48.56 copy

GPS: 3.353835,101.80881

Google Map:

Not sure of the exact location but it should be somewhere here.

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