Friday, August 19, 2011

Lo Ack, Braised Duck, Lou Ngap PJ State

Lo Ack / Braised Duck / Lou Ngap at Kam Heong restaurant in PJ State.

Lo Ack /Lou Ngap / Teochew braised duck...absolutely the best!
lo ack, lou ngap, Teochew braised duck R0013841 copy

Braised Mushroom
mushroom R0013839 copy

Braised eggs
teochew braised egg R0013848 copy

salted vegetable R0013843 copy

R0013853 copy

There's pork too but we didn't order it. Maybe next time:)
R0013854 copy

Edit: other dishes from separate trips there:
kam heong pork innards R0016030 copy

braised pork R0014447 copy

8 Jalan Tengah
Off Jalan Yong Shook Lin
Petaling Jaya
GPS: 3.099378, 101.644478

Yes, it's the same shop that sells Prawn Mee in the morning!

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