Thursday, December 2, 2010

Char Kueh Teow, Sri Sinar KL

CKT in Chu Yu kopitiam, Taman Sri Sinar, KL.
char kueh teow CKT sri sinar IMG_6545 copy

Of course, this being KL, you can expect the CKT here to be as good as say Lorong Selamat CKT or Dato Keramat Ah Leng CKT, or even Jalan Siam CKT in Penang.

chu yu kopitiam taman sri sinar ckt 
IMG_6537 copy

One of the two ladies saw me photographing my plate of CKT so she offered to place a banana leaf on the plate for me. :)
chu yu kopitiam taman sri sinar ckt IMG_6542 copy

She even let me shoot a plate of fried noodle that one of her friends was going to eat:D
fried noodle, chu yu taman sri sinar IMG_6551 copy

RM3.70 per plate. Siham (cockles), small prawns, no lap cheong.
fried noodle chu yu kopitiam taman sri sinar IMG_6550

It's a corner unit kopitiam. Very packed during lunch time.
chu yu kopitiam taman sri sinar IMG_6556 

Pretty good for KL standard. This CKT stall is open for lunch only. Not open at night but Chu Yu kopitiam is open at night too. Nice "dai chao" for dinner.

The BBQ chicken is really good too!
BBQ chicken wing R0018189 copy

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