Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yut Kee Roti Babi

Revisited Yut Kee again and this time it's for the roti babi :)

Posting on previous visit to Yut Kee for pork roast is here.

roti babi yut kee R0016138 copy

This is how it looks like before you cut it open!
yut kee roti babi R0016133 copy

roti babi R0016137 copy

Also tried the chicken chop. It was just okay for me.
yut kee chicken chop R0016130 copy

Lum Mee. Nice ingredient but the taste was just boring. I didn't like it at all. The simpler and cheaper Penang style Lum Mee is much nicer.
yut kee lum mee noodle 2012-09-08 08.04.43 copy

The menu:
yut kee menu R0016143 copy
Bigger image here.

Map and more info in my previous post.