Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Loong Fong restaurant Tmn Sri Sinar

First visit:

Steamed tilapia fish with nyonya asam sauce. Love the sauce. The fish was great too with no muddy/earthy smell.
asam steamed tilapia fish R0016476 copy

Sweet and sour pork (ku lo yuk). The pork was a little dry and hard but still good.
sweet and sour pork, ku lo yuk R0016467 copy

Stir fried paku pakis with sambal belacan. A little too oily but otherwise okay.
stir fried paku pakis with sambal belacan R0016469 copy

The three dishes above with 2 plates of rice, two herbal tea and a can of Coke : RM46.

Second visit 2 days later:D

Nyonya asam Steamed tilapia. Yes, it was so good we ordered it again :D
steam tilapia in nyonya asam sauce R0016484 copy

Kung Po mantis shrimp
kung po mantis shrimp R0016478 copy

Stir fried kai lan
stir fried kai lan R0016482 copy

Tofu with minced pork...yum yum.
tofu with minced pork R0016479 copy

Besides dai chau, siu chao is available too:

Venison meat sar hor fun
venison meat sar hor fun 2012-09-14 13.46.44 copy


Dai Chow opens after 3 pm only. In the morning, you can get chee cheong fun, dim sum, kueh chap etc.

The kueh chap is very different from the one I had in Penang. I didn't like it at all.
2013-07-25 13.01.25 copy kway chap


Loong Fong, same row as KFC and 7-Eleven.
RIMG0007 copy

img011 copy

img014 copy

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