Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ding Tai Fung, Malaysia

Wonderful lunch at Ding Tai Fung, Pavillion, Malaysia. Been to the one in Mid Valley Megamall as well.

For the main courses, we ordered two different La Mian :

shrimp wanton la mian ding tai fung R0016820 copy
Shrimp wanton La Mian

chicken soup la mian pavillion R0016816 copy
Chicken soup La Mian

And of course the "must" order in Ding Tai Fung:

xiao long bao R0016815 copy
Mini "Xiao Long Bao". Not the usual type but rather slightly smaller ones. Still great but I think I will stick to the usual type.

ginger sliver in vinegar R0016811 copy
Ginger sliver in black vinegar. I normally bite the tip of the xiao long bao then suck the juice inside, then dip the xiao long bao in the vinegar, add some ginger slivers on the xiao long bao before eating it :)

nai pak with shrimps R0016813 copy
Nai Pak with shrimps

For desserts, we ordered these. Both were with yam. :D...I just love yam/taro. :P

yam paste / taro paste with gingko nuts , or nee R0016828 copy
Yam/taro paste with gingko nuts, yum yum!

yam bao R0016823 copy
Yam/taro bao. It looks like xiao long bao but with yam/taro inside.

The 6 items above, plus two hot Chinese Tea (free flow), came to about RM67.00, but that was after a 30% discount. Not sure how but I received an SMS discount voucher from them :D

If you go on your birthday, just inform them and you will get a discount too!