Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat Corner

My buddy Joshua brought us to this great fish head steamboat place in North Bridge Road, Singapore. The fish was fresh with natural sweetness. The stock was superb with no added MSG in the soup as far as I could tell.

fish head steamboat R0016855 copy
Fish head steamboat...yum yum.

chunky pieces of fish R0016860 copy
many chunky pieces of  red snapper

salted egg pork rib R0016851 copy
Pork ribs with salted egg

special homemade beancurd R0016848 copy
Special homemade beancurd

cuttlefish kang kong R0016847 copy
Cuttlefish kang kong

braised pig intestine R0016845 copy
Braised pig intestine

The steamboat, 4 side dishes and 5 coconut drink cost S$108.


808/812/814/816 North Bridge Road Singapore 198779 Telephone: 6297 9319

Operating Hours:

4:00pm to 1:00am (Open Daily)

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