Monday, May 6, 2013

Restoran D' Timur - Segambut

Late lunch at slightly after 2 pm. I was bored of the usual chicken rice but then I spotted this Malay restaurant! They seemed to have quite a few choices so I went in to try.

Nasi campur with chicken, beef tripe, and ulam raja. RM9.50 including a cup of hot tea. I think the price was on the high side.
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Edit: 2nd visit. RM8.00 including teh-O panas
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Edit: other visits -

Ikan keli bakar (grilled river cat fish), bamboo shoot masak lemak with beef tripes and tempeh, and ulam (daun tenggek burung?). RM8.00 including Teh-O. Rubbery skin on the grilled keli.
2013-05-16 13.35.56 copy

Another visit: RM9.00 including teh o panas. Grilled stingray, ulam (kacang botol/4 angled beans), and fern shoot/pucuk paku.The skin of those grilled fish were all rubbery. 
2013-05-22 12.11.41 copy

Another visit: RM8.00 including teh o. Ulam Raja, kacang botol, and kembong(?) fish.
2013-05-28 12.09.28 copy

Another visit:

RM7.50 incl teh o panas. Beef rendang, eggplant with chili, and pucuk ubi & tempeh.
2013-06-04 13.13.46 copy

Quite a few dishes and types of ulam to choose from, but of course, nothing like this favorite place of mine.

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Restoran D' Timur
B-45, jalan 17 / 42, Taman Kok Doh, Segambut 51200 Kuala Lumpur .

GPS Coordinates: 3.194811,101.665265

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