Friday, April 15, 2011

Anis Putri Gulai Kawah

Anis Putri in Pantai Dalam, about 200 meters from the Pantai Dalam KTM Komuter Train Station and low cost flats. D' Naim nasi kukus is nearby too.

Gulai Kawah
anis putri gulai kawah RIMG0872 copy

Hundreds of dishes to choose from!
dangauRIMG0869 copy

It's really hard to make up my mind :D. I want to try them all :D
RIMG0858 copy


Grilled fish and ayam percik.
RIMG0850 copy

grilled fish anis putri RIMG0851 copy

Some ulam and sambal
anis putri ulam and sambal RIMG0849 copy

Four types of sambal with different level of spiciness/hotness! The yellow one at bottom right is tempoyak.
R0017634 copy

Squid. It's  sweet and stuffed with glutinous rice inside. A popular dessert in Kelantan.
anis putri sotong RIMG0907 copy

Squid, with glutinous rice inside. Sweet dessert.
RIMG0910 copy

Fried fish with stuffed chili
RIMG0918 copy RIMG0845 copy
RIMG0854 copy RIMG0856 copy

There is a dessert corner too!

Not sure what this is :P. Dessert too.
anisputri dessert RIMG0927 copy

anis putri dessert RIMG0929 copy

What I had:

Curry pineapple, brinjal and angled bean ulam with sambal
RIMG0901 copy

 angled bean and sambal ulam RIMG0895 copy curry pineapple and brinjal RIMG0892 copy

Ikan keli (catfish)
gulai lemak ikan keli RIMG0883 copy

Came to RM6.00 including a teh-o ais limau (iced tea with lime)

Opens for Lunch only. Packed after 12 noon with lunch crowd.

Edit: more pix from separate visits to Anis Putri:

Keli percik? Yum. Not sure what sauces they were but I liked them.
keli percik? R0019564 copy

R0017113 copy

R0017642 copy

RIMG0892 copy

RIMG0882 copy

R0021563 copy

Location: Pantai Dalam, about 200m from the Pantai Dalam Commuter Train Station

anis putri corner pantai dalam RIMG0844 copy

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Restoran Anis Putri
No. 4, Jalan Pantai Dalam
Pantai Dalam
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+60) 19-282-6908
Opens everyday except Friday

gps coordinate: 3.092892,101.669215