Friday, March 2, 2012

Quan Le Yan Seafood, Singapore

After our morning  macro workshop  in Singapore, all of us went to this nice Teochew restaurant in Tiong Bahru for some wonderful Teochew cuisine.

Teochew style steamed pomfret R0016876 copy
Teochew style steamed pomfret. One of the best ways to enjoy nice fresh fish. My other choice would be Cantonese style steamed fish.

teochew braised duck, lo ack R0016871 copy
Teochew style braised duck, Lor Ack. If you are in KL and want to get really good one, try Kam Heong in PJ.

pork jelly R0016868 copy
Pork jelly. Braised pig's leg made into jelly form, sliced and served cold.

oyster omelette R0016878 copy
Oyster omelette.

R0016873 copy
Not sure what this is called?

There was one more dish - kangkong belacan, which I didn't photograph. Too busy chowing down the great food:D

We wanted yam paste /taro paste as well but it was all sold out :(

One for the album while waiting for the food to be served :)
R0016864 copy

Quan Le Yan Seafood Restaurant
721 Havelock Road
Telephone: 6273 4960

Opening Hours:
Closed on: Tuesdays

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