Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oyster Omelette / Oh Chien - Lrg Selamat

There are so many things to eat in Lorong Selamat. The famous/infamous Lau Yee Char Kueh Teow, T&T Prawn Mee, and of course, Oh Chien/Oyster Omelette.

This place is just across the road from Lau Yee Char Kueh Teow, slightly to the left. You can order this and have it brought into Lau Yee Char Kueh Teow shop too, but not the other way round.

Oh Chien / Oyster Omelette...just look at those plump, juicy, yummy oysters!!!
Oyster omelette /oh chien lorong selamat...R0017239 copy

Zooming in on the juicy oysters :D...drool!!!
Oyster Omelet / oh chien lorong selamat R0017244 copy

I know you can't get enough of it so here's another :D
Oh Chien/oyster omelette lorong selamat...R0017242 copy

Closed on Tuesday, as with most of the coffee shops in Lorong Selamat.

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Other nice food nearby:

T&T Prawn Mee:
T&T claypot yee mee with prawn mee soup...R0017205 copy
Clay pot yee meen with pork ribs, egg, prawns and prawn mee soup. Traditional prawn mee available too. More info here.

Lorong Selamat Lau Yee Char Kueh Teow
Lorong Selamat CKT R0013195 copy
More info here.