Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bounce card

This is the the DIY Flash Bounce Card I use for event shoot, as well as impromptu portrait shoot. It's better than the built-in bounce card because it's bigger and bounces more light! Mine is made from foam material. More on this later.

I have the Lambency too but I have used it only once. Too heavy plus it didn't fit well on my speed light.

I use a couple of rubber bands to secure it to my speed light. You can use velcro too. This is for landscape mode shots.
DIY Flash bounce card 06-11-10_1409 copy

For portrait/vertical mode shot, tilt the flash head like this, then..
DIY Flash bounce card 06-11-10_1410 copy

then rotate your camera 90 degrees. Your flash will still be able to bounce light from the ceiling, if there is one!
DIY Flash bounce card 06-11-10_1411

Where to get this foam sheet?

You can get A4 size foam sheet from children art supply shops. I used to buy mine from a shop in One Utama. It's RM 2 per sheet. You can make two bounce cards out of it. But i have since found a more economical supply. Here you go:

About RM 5 to RM6 a roll. Available in Jusco, Tesco, Carrefour.
DIY Flash bounce card 02-11-10_1423

The dimensions are all here: top width - 6.5", bottom width - 4.5", vertical height - 6".
DIY Flash bounce card IMG_4607 copy

You can make it bigger or smaller if you want. I follow Peter Gregg's original dimensions as seen in his A Better Bounce Card clip:

A few sample shots with the DIY Flash Bounce Card:


DIY Flash bounce card IMG_8236

DIY Flash bounce card DSC_4023 copy

flash bounce card DSC_3903 copy

Whether shooting bugs or human, as long as you use flash, remember to control the flash output using the FEC. More tips on FEC here.