Friday, November 26, 2010

Hokkien Ta (Dry Prawn Mee) Nibong Tebal

Hokkien Ta aka Dry Hokkien Mee or Dry Prawn Mee. Location: Nibong Tebal town. Map at the bottom.

It looks like this.
IMG_6347 copy

IMG_6342 copy

OK OK..I confessed..i had two bowls :P. The serving wasn't very big, and it was only RM2.40 per bowl. Plus, it was super yummy!
IMG_6343 copy

The noodle may look a bit dry there in the images above, but give it a good stir to get the noodle all soaked up in the fragrant chili oil and golden deep friend shallot and you can start to chow down
IMG_6350 copy

Not the usual yellow noodle (that reeks of alkaline/lye water smell) but very special noodle which I don't see elsewhere.
IMG_6348 copy

R0020565 copy

This is the sells wantan mee and sar hor fun as well
IMG_6351 copy

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