Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sri Siam Fish Head Curry Chai Leng Park

This is how it looks like:
sri siam fish head curry chai leng park IMG_6283 copy

It is the "lemak" type with santan (coconut milk) in it, and just the right amount of sourness. Great!
sri siam fish head curry chai leng park IMG_6285 copy

The fish wasn't exactly the freshest but the curry gravy was great. Not as good as how I remembered it though. I seemed to remember tasting mustard seeds in the curry but not this time.
kari kepala ikan sri siam IMG_6281 copy

I prefer this type more than Juru Fish Head Curry. RM20 including rice and petai. I had to pay RM24 for the one in Juru, without petai!
chai leng park sri siam IMG_6278 copy

Sri Siam is in a corner unit kopitiam, opposite the wet market in Chai Leng Park (Map at the bottom)
sri siam fish head curry IMG_6272 copy

Nothing but bones left, as usual. I know..i am good! LOL.
fish head curry IMG_6286 copy

Many other dishes too!
sri siam other choices IMG_6275 copy

sri siam IMG_6274 copy

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