Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hakka Lui Cha Kepong Baru

The name of this restaurant is actually Lui Cha King Restaurant. I actually wanted to try the one in Jinjang Selatan but it was closed today. So I ended up at this one in Kepong Baru. But it was still not open at around 930am! Anyway, I came back in the afternoon and finally got my Lui Cha fix :D

Big bowl of warm and thick lui cha soup, and lots of vegetables!
hakka lui cha R0018275 copy

A bit of history about lui cha / lei cha.
hakka lei cha / lui cha R0018274 copy

Preserved carrot, lots of vege, long bean, dried shrimp, bean curd, peanut.
hakka lui cha jalan ambong R0018277 copy

I chose brown rice instead of polished rice. RM7.50
lui cha king restaurant kepong baru jalan ambong R0018279 copy

hakka lui cha restaurant kepong baru R0018280 copy

HP: 012-250 2720
       012-270 8484

No 15, Jalan Ambong,
Kepong Baru
52100 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hour:

0900 - 1630 ( I was there at around 930 but it was not open yet!)
Closed on Monday. Open on public holiday.

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