Monday, July 16, 2012

Claypot Tilapia @ Taman Sri Sinar

This shop has no name and is somewhere behind Plaza Sri Sinar.

Really great claypot tilapia (sang pou fei chao yu). Not a slightest hint of muddy taste at all. Just nice and fresh with lots of minced ginger. 
claypot tilapia sang pou fei chau yu R0018232 copy

Live tilapia fish in aquarium
R0018241 copy

Totally clean! :D
R0018235 copy

Other items on the menu: claypot chicken rice, fish head curry, claypot fish head, Wong Chao Gai, etc.
menu R0018244 copy
Although it says 11:30am to 10:00 pm, I notice that it's not open in between after lunch to before dinner.

They sell Bak Kut Teh too but I have never tried it. I hope to try it soon!
R0018246 copy

R0018226 copy

R0018239 copy

Price: RM20.30 for the fish, rice and iced herbal drink. The boss gave me a 30 sen discount so I paid only RM20. Really good price for a nice, fresh fish like this, with rice and one iced herbal drink! I should come here more often!

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This place is just right next to my favorite BBQ chicken wing stall, and only a stone's throw from my favorite Hor Poh Hakka Restaurant.