Friday, July 27, 2012

Hakka Lui Cha @ Jinjang Selatan

My quest for the best lui cha in town has taken me to many outlets. A couple of my friends told me that the best one is in Jinjang Selatan. So i googled "Jinjang Selatan Lui Cha", and other variations, but nothing came out. Then an idea struck me. I googled "增江擂茶" and voila, I got something!

You can choose either brown rice or the usual polished rice. I went for brown rice like I always do. You can also choose to have dried shrimp or none.

hakka lui cha / lei cha R0018329 copy

The soup is warm, thick and fragrant!
lei cha / lui cha soup R0018334 copy

Really really generous amount of ingredients. In fact, as soon as I dug in, I realized that there were way more ingredients than rice :D.
Jinjang Selatan lui cha / lei cha R0018333 copy

You will notice that four angled beans (kacang botol) and cilantro are part of the ingredients too. did they know that I love four angled beans!
jinjang selatan hakka lui cha/ lei cha R0018326 copy

I chose brown rice. Only RM6 for this big bowl filled to the brim with generous amount of ingredients!

lei cha R0018325 copy

lui cha R0018324 copy

This place may not be easy to locate but just study the map carefully and you should be fine!
Jinjang Selatan Lui Cha / Lei Cha R0018337 copy

GPS coordinate: 3.206871,101.65956

Operating Hours: 8:30am to 3:00pm
Closed on Tuesday

Tel: 012-3390904

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