Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lui Cha Manjalara

My first experience with Lei Cha / Lui Cha was about a year or two ago in Hor Poh Tmn Sri Sinar. I found it quite pleasant and healthy so I have been looking to trying this dish from other restaurants/stalls ever since. A friend told me about this place some time ago and before long, I was there to check it out.

Lei Cha / Lui Cha. Stir, Pour, and Eat :)
 hakka lui cha taman bukit maluri manjalara  R0018215 copy

Hakka Lui Cha. Some say the corn shouldn't be there. It didn't bother me at all though.
hakka lui cha taman bukit maluri manjalara R0018218 copy

I don't like to pour the whole bowl of soup into my rice mixture so it's just one spoonful at a time for me :D
hakka lui cha taman bukit maluri manjalara R0018222 copy

hakka lui cha taman bukit maluri manjalara R0018225 copy

Price: RM5.50. There was probably a little bit of MSG in it as I felt slightly thirsty a while after eating this but not to the extend that would bother me. The broth was probably slightly watery compared to the one I had in Hor Poh Tmn Sri Sinar, but it wouldn't be fair to compare a RM10 a bowl lui cha to a RM5.50 one.

It's just a rustic roadside stall, about two stalls away from Tuck Kee dim sum. Open for lunch only. I was there at about 2:30pm on day and it was still open. I was there on a Thursday and it was closed! I will try to find out more on the operation hours.

This place is probably less than 1km from Tesco Kepong/Manjalara.
hakka lui cha taman bukit maluri manjalara R0018212 copy

Google Map:

GPS Coordinate: 3.200479,101.633186

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There are a couple of other Lui Cha / Lei Cha places just a couple of kilometers away. See point A and B in the map below:

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This one was from a coffee shop (Point B in the map directly above)
R0018261 copy

There is another in Point A (the map directly above). Review here.