Friday, August 31, 2012

Restoran IV Pandamaran

My friend has been telling me how great the roti kosong at Restoran IV is and finally we were able to make a trip there last Sunday.

Roti canai kosong. It was really ordinary. My friend told me it was because this one was prepared in advance and not fresh, so we ordered roti telur too.
roti canai kosong R0018664 copy

roti kosong R0018661 copy

Roti telur. Freshly made and I must say, quite good - fragrant and crispy.
Roti telur R0018674 copy

roti telur R0018673 copy

Simple but nice nasi lemak. Really fresh, even slightly warm still, and the sambal and ikan bilis were great.
simple nasi lemak R0018671 copy

Packed on a Sunday afternoon
restoran IV packed with customers R0018666 copy

Restoran IV

Tel: 012-345 3636

117, Jalan Pandamaran Jaya  62, Bandar Baru,
Pandamaran Jaya,
42000, Pelabuhan Klang

GPS coordinate: 3.004914,101.424786

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Restoran IV R0018656 copy