Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chai Chai Bak Kut Teh - Rawang

We were in Rawang around lunch time one day and decided to try the famous dry bak kut there there.

Unfortunately, Wing Kee was closed, again! So we hopped onto the shop a few doors away. This one was Chai Chai BKT.

The steamed tilapia with tons of ginger was nice and fresh. Sweet, natural flavour with no muddy, earthy smell. Unlike the ones from Lan Je (all branches), this one had no MSG in it.
steamed tilapia rawang 2012-08-29 12.43.59 copy

Bak Kut Teh, the usual soup type. For one. Quite decent.
bak kut teh, wet type, rawang 2012-08-29 12.42.31 copy

Dry bak kut teh, for two. Quite decent although a little on the spicy side for my liking. Still miss the Tanjung Karang type with dry cuttle fish in it. Yum.
dry bak kut teh 2012-08-29 12.47.34 copy

Yam rice
yam rice 2012-08-29 12.41.31 copy

What you saw above, with 2 yam rice, 1 plain rice, a pot of tea for 3, 2 bowls of yau char gwai, came to about RM67.00.

This camwhore insisted in appearing in the frame. She clearly knew I was going to snap a picture with my Samsung S2. Well, as you wish! LOL.
chai chai bak kut teh 2012-08-29 12.21.42 copy

2012-08-29 12.21.25 copy

GPS coordinate: 3.310084,101.556652

Only slightly more than 1KM from the PLUS  highway. You will see a Petronas on your left. Make a right then another right and you are almost there. If you see a Petronas on your right, you have overshot!


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