Monday, August 27, 2012

Lui Cha - Hor Poh Taman Sri Sinar

The first time I tried Lui Cha, it was actually at Hor Poh Hakka Restoran in Taman Sri Sinar. But since that was my first time, I had no idea how good it was as there was no basis for comparison.

I have since acquired a taste for lui cha and tried this dish at a few outlets:

- Lui Cha Jinjang Selatan
- Lui Cha Taman Bukit Maluri Kepong
- Lui Cha King, Kepong Baru

Finally I made another trip to Hor Poh Taman Sri Sinar just to try the Lui Cha again.

The soup was thick and the greens in it were all thoroughly blended/ground. The same standard ingredients but they were all served separately.

IMO, this one was great and hard to pick a winner between this and the one in Jinjang Selatan. This one was RM10 though whereas the one in Jinjang Selatan is about RM5.50 (RM6 if you opt for brown rice). Another thing is, there is no option for brown rice in Hor Poh Sri Sinar.

Lui cha hor poh taman sri sinar R0018616 

Hor Poh Hakka Restaurant in Taman Sri Sinar also serves many other nice dishes.

Maps and gps coordinate can be found in this post.