Friday, September 7, 2012

Duck Feet Parcel - Sze Ngan Chye

Ngap Kiok Pau (Duck feet parcel / roll / wrap). RM1.50 each. Duck livers  wrapped onto web of the duck feet using duck intestine. The dark and stick sauce was sweet and salty, but really savoury if not a little over-powering. But I guess that's necessary for something as plain as liver.

RM 1.50 each.
ngap kiok pau, duck feet parcel R0018727 copy

Sze ngan chye ngap kiok pau R0018718 copy

Besides duck feet parcels, roast ducks are available too but I have never tried it.
petaling street roast duck sze ngan chye ngap geok pau / ngap geok bau R0018720 copy

This is the stall
Sze ngan chye ngap kiok bau / ngap kiok pau R0018722 copy

Stall #85, 6 am to 4 pm daily
Sze Ngan Chye ngap geok pau / ngap geok bau business hours R0018723 copy

GPS Coordinate: 3.144102,101.697698


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