Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shogun Japanese Buffet - Solaris

RM35 Groupon buffet lunch (week days) at Shogun, Solaris. This place used to be called Tenji. A post on my last two late dinner visit there can be found here. The usual price (nett) according to Shogun/Saisaki website is RM 48.56 (nett).

The premise now occupies only half the area it used to. The other half (the first half) is now an Arabic restaurant.

Compared to the late dinner, quite a few items were missing from the menu as well. No tuna sashimi, no raw oysters, no scallop, no Baskin Robbins and Haagen Dazs ice cream. Also missing were the a la carte items like cod fish, pomfret etc.You order what you want by leaving your table number plate in the bowl and the staff would work on it and bring the dish to your table.

There were more items on the menu but I only go for my usual favorites.

I always go for the sashimi first.
Shogun japanese buffet Solaris Mont Kiara R0018685 copy

Some deep fried stuff
shogun japanese buffet solaris mont kiara R0018681 copy

The sea cucumber was artificial ones. Yuck :D
R0018688 copy

R0018691 copy

Gelato and chocolate covered candy/cookie. Nothing special about the gelato.
R0018697 copy

Edit: went back there on a Saturday. Weekend price was RM49 nett. There are additional items on the buffet spread that are not available during week days. They are oysters (you need to place order for these from the staff), unagi, tuna. There may be other items I wasn't aware of as I only "concentrated" on these few items that I liked :D

Chuka Idako, seasoned baby octopus
chuka idako seasoned baby octopus R0019062 copy

chuka idako seasoned baby octopus R0019061 copy

Fresh oyster
fresh oysters R0019065 copy

fresh oysters R0019050 copy

oysters R0019030 copy

oysters R0019029 copy

Unagi, eel.
unagi eel R0019025 copy

unagi, eel R0019027 copy

A few Tempura items
tempura R0019056 copy

Green mussel and patin fish (Pangasius spp. )
green mussel and patin fish R0019043 copy

Poached prawns, baked mussel with cheese, and clam.
prawns, baked mussel with cheese and clam R0019041 copy

tuna, salmon, butter fish sashimi R0019033 copy