Monday, September 17, 2012

Hasan's rojak and cendol Sea Park

I actually went to Sea Park to look for the Penang Laksa from a seller on a van but maybe I looked at the wrong place, or maybe it was not open that day.

After looking around in vain, I decided to try the rojak here.

Mine was with sotong (cuttle fish). RM4.80. Not sure why I did that. Never a fan of cuttle fish. To me it's just rubbery and rather tasteless. I like the dry, grilled cuttlefish though.

Not sure why they need a plastic sheet over the plate here? Not only is this practice not environmentally friendly, it's also very irritating when the sides of the plastic sheet flap in the wind when you try to enjoy your food.

Not very nice I must say. The fritters just weren't that well prepared and fried. All the flavor came from the MSG-rich sauce!
hasan's rojak sea park PJ R0018805 copy

Nothing to shout about here, really.
hasan's rojak sea park R0018801 copy

Cendol, RM1.50. Very ordinary. The shaved ice was coarse. I prefer my cendol noodle to be jelly-like like this one. Also not fond of the tiny kidney beans. Er..what's the maize doing here? I thought I ordered cendol, not ABC.

cendol R0018806 copy

mobile stall hasan's rojak sea park R0018791 copy

R0018796 copy

hasan's rojak prices R0018789 copy

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