Friday, April 5, 2013

Hanuta hazelnut waffle

Hanuta Haselnuss Schnitte. Kernig. Knusprig. Nussig.

Google translate tells me that means:

Hanuta Hazelnut Slice. Meaty. Crunchy. Nutty.

Anyway, that's what a friend of mine brought back for me from Germany :).

Hanuta haselnuss schnitte R0022252 copy

hanuta hazelnut waffle R0022248 copy

Apparently, it's manufactured by Ferrero, the same company that produces Ferrero Rocher(?).
R0022242 copy

Each one is nicely wrapped up like this. There is one more square foil on top which is not shown in this pic.
R0022247 copy

I was told that you get better chocolate in Europe, even if it's the same, exact product. For example, the Ferrero Rocher you get in Europe is more superior than what we get here simply because better chocolate is used over there.
R0022254 copy

I guess that's not unusual. I have also heard that the xiao long bao's we get here are quite close to what they sell in other countries like Taiwan, but better stock/broth is used. Can anyone verify that?