Sunday, April 7, 2013

Xiao Qiu Stinky Tofu

Xiao Qiu chou do fu / stinky tofu (小秋臭豆腐).

I was at the Tuesday night market in Sri Sinar and saw this stall again. I never had the urge to try it but somehow, just decided to try it!

RM2.70 for four pieces. You can smell it from a distance but the smell isn't really that stinky. Nor is the taste.
xiao qiu chou dou fu, stinky tofu 2013-03-19 19.24.43 copy
I can't remember if I have tried this before though. I must have but I really can't remember.

It tastes okay but I guess it's also one of those acquired taste thingies, and one will have to try this stinky tofu a few times to get to really like/love it!
2013-03-19 19.24.28 copy

2013-03-19 19.24.48 copy

2013-03-19 19.25.03 copy

xiao qiu chou dou fu/stinky tofu 2013-03-19 19.25.12 copy

Tuesday night Sri Sinar (?) pasar malam (night market) - near Mobil.
GPS Coordinates: 3.192846,101.644998

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Monday night Sri Sinar pasar malam (night market)
GPS coordinates: 3.187035,101.65065

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