Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kafe Deli Bakery

I was in Kota Damansara to run some errands and recalled that a friend recommended this place for its curry mee.

RM5. Curry hor fun. Only some boring fish balls, fried bean curd (tau fu pok) and long beans. No siham (cockles) or anything else. The only thing that was in abundance was MSG. I was thirsty for the next few hours.
curry noodle at Kafe Deli Bakery Kota Damansara R0022181 copy

The two stalls near my house serve much better and cheaper curry noodles so I don't see any reason why I would go back for this one here. Having said that, I might still try other dishes in this cafe though if I happen to be in the neighborhood.
R0022183 copy

Extra large teh o ais limau.! Only 2 limau in it. Very stingy! I could taste the tea, but hardly the limau.
extra large teh o ais limau R0022173 copy

Food Menu. View it large here.

Beverage menu. View it large here.

No air condition. It's basically like most kopitiam except it has a bakery section as well.
R0022185 copy

R0022184 copy
I tried the red bean paste bun. RM1.80. Not bad.

Address and contact number.
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GPS coordinate: 3.154864,101.583656

Deli Cafe and Bakery.
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