Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nasi Campur - No Name, Kepong

This nasi campur restaurant is behind Crystal Crown Hotel in Kepong. Also right next to this salmon fish head noodle restaurant.

Grilled ikan keli (catfish), pajeri nenas, and some unknown vege(?)
nasi campur melayu R0022150 copy
RM7.60 i think. Can't remember. The only thing I remembered was that it was definitely more expensive than this other place I just visited a couple of weeks ago.

Fewer varieties too compared to Gerai Makan Mak Long in Tmn Bkt Maluri.
R0022152 copy

R0022153 copy

R0022154 copy

R0022156 copy

Google Map:

GPS coordinate: 3.203933,101.667459

Jalan Jambu (Behind Brem Mall and Crystal Crown Hotel in Kepong)

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