Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chee Cheong Chook - Penang

There are only a couple of places for nice Chee Cheong Chook /Chu Chup Chuk/豬雜粥  in Penang.

New Lane 

Lorong Baru (New Lane),
Off Macalister Road, Georgetown
10040 Pulau Pinang

Business Hours: Opens daily from 5pm - 11pm. 

GPS Coordinates: 5.415009,100.326572

My favorite is the one at New Lane near Sunway Hotel, not too far from Komtar.

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Only from evening onward till late.
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Love the crispy deep fried intestine. Very fragrant and add a nice texture to the dish.
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Cintra Street

My Penang friends keep telling me this one is better. I finally went there to try it.

Lunch time only. On the day I was there, the mobile cart didn't arrive till about 1 pm. I got my bowl of porridge at around 1.15pm!!!

Restoran Sin Sun Vood
Cintra Street
Lunch time only.
GPS Coordinate: 5.418518,100.333849

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It has more "liew / liao" in it, but the deep fried intestine just wasn't as crispy. And the porridge wasn't as smooth IMO.
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I definitely still prefer the New Lane porridge.
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