Monday, July 1, 2013

Uncle Jerry Bak Kut Teh - Kepong Baru

I walked by Uncle Jerry BKT a few times. What attracted me was that this BKT place offers not just the usual pork BKT, but also a few other options such as chick kut teh, and mutton kut teh!

I finally made a visit there but since it was my first time there, I decided to try the normal pork BKT first. The mutton and/or chick kut teh will have to wait till my subsequent visits.

Pork BKT with a mix of everything. The soup was the slightly dark type but not too strong in herbal taste. Lots of MSG though like most other BKT.
R0022800 copy uncle jerry bak kut teh kepong baru

R0022801 copy uncle jerry bak kut teh kepong baru

The staff brought me these without even asking me first. Too much for one person but I managed to stuff them all in. The taufu poks were quite nice and tender.
R0022791 copy taufu pok and yau zhar gwai

You'll get an extra bowl of soup too but unfortunately, it was cold. Not even warm.
R0022794 copy
The soup must be loaded with MSG as I felt so thirsty for the next few hours.

Three types of rice to choose from: plain, yau fan (oil rice/fragrant rice), and wu tau fan (yam rice). I chose yam rice. Really nice and fragrant. Yum.
R0022803 copy yam rice, uncle jerry bak kut teh

The bill came to RM19 for the claypot of BKT, taufu pok, yau zhar gwai and a glass of hot chrysanthemum.

Edit: a different visit. I ordered Mutton Kut Teh this time.

Mutton Kut Teh. You can go for either the dry version or the soup version. This one is dry.
2013-10-20 16.43.32 copy

2013-10-20 16.44.35 copy
RM21.50 including a glass of iced chrysanthemum tea.

Other choices like "sang kuat" (fresh pork ribs), dry BKT, wong zhao (yellow wine) pork kidney, chick kut teh, mutton kut teh are available too according to this signboard.
R0022787 copy uncle jerry bak kut teh

R0022788 copy uncle jerry bak kut teh, kepong baru

8, Persiaran Mergastua,
Kepong Baru,
52100 Kuala Lumpur
4pm to 11pm (closed on Wednesday)

GPS Coordinates: 3.202995,101.644563

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