Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home-cooked sambal udang petai

I have tried sambal petai at so many places. Very few of them were just okay and most of them were just plain bad. Check out my past petai adventures here:

- Murni Kepong: nasi goreng with sambal udang petai
- Sri Sinar Food Court "siu chao"
- Restoran Double Seven, Sri Bintang
- Madam Lim's Kitchen, Kepong Village Mall.

So what has been stopping me from cooking this at home? The sambal, of course.  Not that it's very difficult, just that quite many ingredients are required. I will look into the possibility of making enough for a two or three cooking sessions and have the remainder kept in the freezer. 

Delimas sambal tumis pack. 120g. RM3.19(?) at Tesco
2013-07-09 12.43.38 copy
Contains MSG (E621) as flavour enhancer, contains lactic acid (E270) as permitted acidity regulator, contains Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate (E1442) as permitted thickener and sodium benzoate (E211) as permitted preservative. Wow...I think I won't read the label again next time. LOL

The other brand, Home Taste (Nyonya). 3 packs (180g each) for RM10
2013-07-10 10.36.23 copy
It says no preservative, no coloring on the packet. What do you think?

Pre-peeled petai. 140 gram pack for RM5 at Kepong Baru wet market
2013-07-10 10.35.07 copy

Pre-peeled shrimps. About 180-200 gram for RM8, also from Kepong Baru wet market
2013-07-10 10.37.00 copy

The results:

Delimas is slightly spicier than Home Taste, and redder too! Taste wise, both are about a hundred times better than all those I have tasted outside.
2013-07-05 12.18.23 copy

R0023155 copy

Home Taste sambal sauce: The result with Home Taste sambal sauce. Not as spicy as Delimas but everything just seems more natural.
2013-07-10 12.49.41 copy

From now on, I will be having petai more often :D