Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kokoro Bento - Kota Kemuning

My friend and I had lunch at Kokoro Bento in Kota Kemuning.

After browsing the menu for a while, we decided to go for the RM24.90 Norweigian fish promotion set meal which includes starter (chawanmushi, or mini udon, or salad), miso soup, rice, cold dishes, dessert (matcha ice cream or red bean soup or cheese cake) and free flow of green tea.

Miso soup (part of the set lunch), and Chuka wakame (Sea weed, RM4.00). (side order)
R0023222 copy

Smooth and yummy chawanmushi. Highly recommended. One of the three choices for Starter.
R0023232 copy

Mini udon. Also one of the three choices for starter.
R0023228 copy

Tit bits, also part of the set lunch.
R0023231 copy

The mains: Salmon Teriyaki
R0023225 copy

The other main: Shioyaki Saba
R0023223 copy

Gyoza, another side order. RM14.50
R0023230 copy

Cheese cake and matcha ice cream, two different choices for dessert as part of the set lunch.
R0023233 copy

Nice cheese cake
R0023235 copy

Delicious green tea ice cream (matcha ice cream)
R0023234 copy

Siphon coffee. We ordered Sumatran and also Colombian coffee. RM 9.50 each.
R0023237 copy

Too bad the waitress didn't demonstrate the "siphoning" at our table, but did it behind the counter instead. If I had known that I wouldn't have ordered coffee.
279015_144894255653268_1935884141_o copy
Siphon Coffee.

Also, the waitress got our coffee orders wrong. I got my friend's Colombian while my friend got my Sumatran.

Total cost: RM96.05

Kokoro Bento
R0023216 copy

Smoking section outside
R0023218 copy

R0023219 copy

Kokoro Bento
No. 4-1 (Ground Floor), 8 Jalan Anggerik Vanilla,
 BE31/BE Kota Kemuning, 
40460 Shah Alam, Malaysia
Tel: 03-5525 2122
GPS Coordinate: N03.00390, E101.53635
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm