Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wong Kee wonton noodle - Kepong Baru

Every time I passed by this stall, I saw many patrons there so one day I decided to try it myself.

Big mistake!

Wonton noodle with mushroom and chicken feet. You can tell how soggy the noodles were from here, can't you? The chicken feet weren't very tender either.
wonton noodle 2013-07-28 20.13.15 copy

Fu Zhuk Yee Mai
2013-07-28 20.02.23 copy

I must say the fact that they made their own noodle was also part of the reasons I stepped into this stall. Big disppointment.
2013-07-28 19.27.25 copy

2013-07-28 19.27.56 copy

It's really really bad. Easily one of the worst I have ever tasted. The noodles were really soggy and quite tasteless.

Not cheap either. RM7.50 for the plate of noodle and fu  zhuk yee mai.

I strong advise you to avoid this at all cost. If you happen to be there but really need to eat something, I suggest you try this porridge stall just across from this noodle stall. You'll be happy you make the 5 steps across the lane.