Monday, August 12, 2013

Thai Food - Tmn Bkt Maluri Kepong

A friend of mine told me about this authentic Thai food stall in Taman Bukit Maluri a few days ago and since I like Thai food very much, I decided to check it out today.

Pad Thai. I am sure it's very authentic as this stall was operated by Thai guys, and this plate was cooked by a Thai lady. It tasted sweet, and no wok hei at all. I added some chili powder, but still couldn't cover up the sweet taste.
R0023361 copy
Therefore I concluded that Pad Thai is just not for me. I know a local version which is more suited to my taste - Char Kway Teow. And it so happens that there is a really nice one just about a hundred meters or less away.

R0023357 copy

R0023356 copy

The menu with prices
R0023352 copy

R0023350 copy

Business Hour
R0023349 copy

I actually wanted to order Tup Tim Krob but unfortunately, it's only available during weekend.
R0023353 copy

Just the Pad Thai and a can of chrysanthemum drink cost me RM9. Very expensive. I might be come back because the tom yam soup (ordered by someone else) looked really nice.
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Jalan Burung Puchong,
Taman Bukit Maluri
GPS Coordinate: 3.201443,101.631719

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