Friday, August 16, 2013

Nasi Kandar Kampung Attap II

I have been to this nasi kandar/fish head curry stall twice but thought of trying out ZK this time but it was closed for lunch because of Ramadhan. Only opens from 3pm onwards. Then I noticed this stall just next to ZK.

Not many varieties there, probably because it's Ramadhan?

RM8.00 for these.
R0023204 copy

The squid was quite good. Certain parts were quite chewy but the gravy was nice.
R0023201 copy

Fried tofu, papadam, okra and bean sprouts only.
R0023200 copy

R0023207 copy

R0023209 copy

R0023210 copy

This roadside stall is just beside ZK Restaurant, separated by a lane.
R0023213 copy

Jalan Kampung Attap (next to ZK Restoran, 76, Jalan Kampung Attap)
GPS Coordinate: 3.137131,101.695475

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