Monday, May 2, 2011

Huck's Cafe

Feel like having some fine, home-cooked food but the thought of visiting the the same old, usual, crowded commercialized outlets just turns you off? Try Huck's Cafe, which is nestled in the upscale neighborhood of Gasing Height. The minute you step into the compound, you will be greeted by all the tastefully done landscaping and interior decoration.

Huck buys the ingredient for his dishes daily to ensure maximum freshness, and cooks them with his heart and soul, just for you!

Fine cuisine in a cozy setting, with great companies of your own, and of course with great hospitality from Huck, the owner and chef too! You'll be sure to feel so at home that you might not want to go home!

By RSVP only. Location and contact details at the bottom of the post. More info on Huck's Cafe Facebook Page.

These are just some of the food I have tried. More on Huck's Cafe FB page.

Basil seeds syrup, totally refreshing!
huck's cafe drink basil seed syrup

Asparagus soup
asparagus soup 47695_433326233275_693313275_4882057_1697627_n

Asian flavored soup
R0021783-2 copy

Cauliflower soup and dark wholemeal rye bread crumbs. So creamy it should be called cauliflower cream. So yummy even vege haters will love it!
cauliflower soup R0018829 copy

Cauliflower soup with dark wholemeal rye bread.
cauliflower soup R0018832 copy

Pumpkin soup, with chunks of pumpkin in it. Yum.
pumpkin soup IMG_5460 copy

Mieng Kam at Huck's Cafe
hucks cafe mieng kam

Yam puff with pine nuts
yam puff with pine nuts R0018825 copy

Sarawak acar
Sarawak acar R0021780-2 copy

My Idaho
My Idaho R0021360 copy

Spicy diving prawns
spicy diving prawns R0018843 copy

Huck demonstrating how to prepare Sarawak Acar
huck seng chef 65807_485005868275_693313275_5741933_4359503_n

Unraveled Treasure, being unraveled!
hucks cafe unraveled treasure

Unraveled Treasure, well, unraveled :D
hucks cafe unraveled treasure 131791_488203003275_693313275_5800002_2450475_o

A Hungarian dish, Toltott Paprika. Your choice of either beef or chicken.
toltott paprika R0018849 copy

toltott paprika R0018850 copy

Cordon bleu
cordon bleu R0021355 copy

What the Toltott Paprika looks like inside:
toltott paprika R0018857 copy

Portobello rocket
portobello rocket R0021795 copy

Kaffir chicken mushroom pie
kaffir chicken mushroom pie R0018855 copy

What the kaffir chicken mushroom pie looks like inside
kaffir chicken mushroom pie R0018870 copy

Guinness steak pie. Guinness optional.
guinness steak pie, huck's cafe IMG_5482 copy

Lamb shank with garlic mashed potato
lamb shank with garlic mashed potato R0018846 copy

Sacromonte Prune Lamb Shank, with Lemon Orange fruity Couscous. Yum yum. IMG_0879 copy

Lemon roast chicken
Lemon roast chicken R0018864 copy

Angel's Hair Pasta
angel's hair pasta at huck's cafe

Minced Beef Wellington in Butter Sauce
gasing indah huck cafe beef wellington

Cottage Lamb Stew Pie
home dining lamb stew pie

Lemon Roast chicken
baked herb chicken 37484_420766963275_693313275_4571277_5434498_n

Thai style deep fried siakap (sea bass) in sweet and sour sauce
home dining Thai Style Deep Fried Siakap in Chili Sauce

Lemon grass grilled sotong with minced turmeric chicken stuffing

R0023163 copy lemon grass grilled sotong/squid

Grilled Salmon Asparagus with Lime Rice
huck's cafe salmon 169101_485004578275_693313275_5741924_3081309_o

Sweet corn Maryland
sweet corn Maryland R0021800 copy

Cosciotto d'agnello (stuffed leg of lamb)
Cosciotto d'agnello (stuffed leg of lamb) IMG_6488 copy

Apple Cava Roast. Showered 4 times with Spanish Cava. (This is from Menu Album 3/4, above RM100, not album 1 and 2, RM88.)
Apple Cava Roast IMG_9944_1

Parmigiana Chicken Mushroom.
Pamigiana Chicken Mushroom IMG_9943_1

Ocean Deep. Fusion style seafood spaghetti with nyonya influence.
ocean deep, fusion style seafood spaghetti IMG_5468 copy

Sea of Love - Angel hair pasta with seafood

Rainbow roast chicken pasta

Nyonya asam fish
nyonya asam fish IMG_9933_1

Grilled salmon with pesto sauce
grilled salmon with pesto sauce IMG_9929_1

Mushroom quiche
mushroom quiche IMG_5484 copy

Catalonia Salmon
Catalonia Salmon IMG_8296 copy

Rias Bajas Pasta
Rias Bajas Pasta IMG_8283 copy

Rias Bajas past IMG_8286 copy

Salmon Tartare with Rye crackers
salmon tartare with rye crackers IMG_8265 copy

Salmon Tartare with Rye crackers
salmon tartare with rye crackersIMG_8273 copy


Awesome durian mud pie ice cream!
hucks cafe durian mud pie 41049_432950823275_693313275_4876432_8061590_n

Chocolate Durianne, OMG! Heavenly!
2013-06-27 20.42.04 copy Chocolate Durian Huck's Cafe

Chocolate brownie ice cream
chocolate brownie ice cream R0018874 copy

Chocolate Banana Kahlua ice cream. Another new fave of mine but I am torn between this and Sheenies Chocolate Almond Cake, and part of me is still deeply in love with old flames like chocolate durian mud pie ice cream, chocolate banana brownie ice cream, and creme brulee.
chocolate banana kahlua ice cream IMG_8367 copy

IMG_8363 copy

The irresistible Sheenies - chocolate almond cake. No flour, just egg white, almonds and chocolate. The melted chocolate oozes out as you slice it! Drool!sheenies chocolate almond cake IMG_8336 copy

Chocolate mud pie ice cream
chocolate mud pie R0018880 copy

Lemon Undivided
kuala lumpur gasing indah home dining lemon undivided

Chocolate Banana Brownies Ice Cream
PJ and KL home dining hot choc brownie

Love Me Not
Love me not dessert R0018884 copy

Love me Not
dessert love me not R0018890 copy

Creme Brulee
creme brulee R0018895 copy

Pineapple jam in crispy pastry. Nice and fresh. 
pineapple jam in crispy pastry R0021805 copy

Durian mochi
durian mochi R0021578 copy

Blueberry Ivy. Lots of blueberries, oranges, almonds and love.
blueberry ivy IMG_9965_1

Lemon meringue
lemon meringue IMG_5499 copy

IMG_5500 copy

WARNING: the desserts are extremely addictive! It'll make you come back for more!

Tastefully done landscaping and interior decorations await you the minute you step into Huck's Cafe!

pond in huck's cafe 65807_485005853275_693313275_5741930_1501380_n
(Note: old location in Gasing Indah)

If you come in a small group you can occupy a section for yourselves and enjoy more privacy.
interior hucks cafe 69794_484968943275_693313275_5741296_5532998_n

If you come in a big group, up to 20pax, that's even better - the whole place will be yours for the whole night!!!

gasing indah home dining 39492_420710733275_693313275_4569024_2660863_n
(Previous location in Gasing Indah)

(Previous location in Gasing Indah)

(Previous location in Gasing Indah)

New location in Bangsar
huck cafe IMG_7598

huck cafe IMG_7607
Nice pergola for outdoor dining :)

hucks cafe gives back IMG_7691
This room is perfect for big group!

huck cafe gives back IMG_7698
This corner is great for youngsters.

New Address:  
22, Jalan Abdullah, off Jalan Bangsar, effective July 1, 2011.
Tel:  603- 2282 2126, HP: 012- 604 8719 (After 3pm) 
Hours: 7m - 11:00 pm
GPS Coordinates: 3.130891,101.678746

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