Saturday, May 21, 2011

Soy Sauce Chicken (豉油鸡) - PJ Old Town

Yummy and flavorful soy sauce chicken from Kie Kee, stall #41 in the PJ Old Town food court.
soy sauce chicken pj old town R0011076 copy

soy sauce chicken see yao gai R0011078 copy

chicken and rice R0011072 copy

I ordered wild boar curry too. Three slices.
wild boar curry san chu yuk R0011082 copy

Soy sauce chicken plus rice and wild boar curry, RM 6.50

The stall is located in the food court in PJ Old Town. Stall #41. Opens for lunch only i think.
Kie Kee PJ Old Town food court stall #41 R0011070 copy

The cendol I ordered from Peggy's stall (Gerai Minum Weng Kee, Stall #46) wasn't good at all though. Who in the world would serve cendol in a cup like this? The taste wasn't good either :(

peggy's cendol pj old town medan selera

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