Monday, May 23, 2011

Jin Chwan, Bei Hai Restaurant

Seafood dinner at Jin Chwan/ Bei Hai restaurant in Selayang again.

Steamed crab in egg white. I like my crab either baked or steamed so i can enjoy the original flavor.
steamed crab in egg white RIMG1039 copy

Steamed red grouper (七星斑). The price for a live fish before cooking was RM158 but we had it for 50% off since it wasn't "swimming" anymore:D
steamed red grouper chaat sing paan RIMG1033 copy

Sheung Tong La La (La La clam in superior broth). Lots of ginger slices in it. Yummy.
siong tong la la clam in superior brothRIMG1029 copy

Hong Kong Kai Lan. No meal is complete without vegetable :)
hong kong kai lan RIMG1036 copy

Preparation/cooking fee plus one beer, and some  non seafood items from Bei Hai came to RM80.50.  Seafood from Jin Chwan was about RM80 as well, so altogether it's around RM160.
RIMG1042 copy

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