Monday, May 30, 2011

Restaurant Soon Tuck - Taman Cheras

Steamed fish with minced ginger
 steamed soong yu in minced gingerR0011386 copy

Kung Po frog
kung po frog R0011376 copy

Steamed frog with minced ginger
steamed frog in minced ginger R0011383 copy

Spinach in superior soup
spinach in superiour soup R0011366 copy

Vietnamese Tofu
vietnamese tofu R0011361 copy

Roast Pork
roast pork R0011359 copy

R0011371 copy R0011356 copy

RM60 for the steamed fish, spinach in superior soup, Vietnamese tofu, and preparation of the frog dishes. We brought the frog and roast pork.

R0011337 copy

R0011392 copy

The menu
R0011393 copy
Bigger image here.

More menu
R0011395 copy
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No 24, 26, 28, Jalan 2/96A
Taman Cheras Makmur
Cheras 56100 Kuala Lumpur (Opposite Cheras BHP Petrol Station)
Tel: 03-9132 0776

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