Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kelantan Food - Tuu Dok Ko 1488

Restoran Tuu Dok Ko serves nice Kelantanese food. It's located in Taman Samudera, very close to Giant Hypermarket in Batu Caves.

However, if you can't wait for more than ten minutes, then this place is not for you. Their service is quite bad. Super slow.

Nasi dagang with kari ikan (fish curry), and chili stuffed with fish paste and grated coconut (solok lada)
nasi dagang with fish curry RIMG0859 copy

Nasi dagang with paru paru (lung) and stuff chili (solok lada)
nasi dagang with paru paru lung RIMG0854 copy

tuu dok ko 1488 RIMG0840 copy

Only opens for breakfast.
kelantan food tu dok ko RIMG0838 copy

RIMG0842 copy

Solok ladoa - Chili with fish paste and grated coconut stuffing
chili stuffed with fish paste and grated coconut RIMG0844 copy

You can get nasi berlauk and nasi kerabu too! I'll try the nasi kerabu next time.
makanan kelate RIMG0850 copy

RIMG0851 copy

tuu dok ko dishes RIMG0845 copy


1488, Jalan Samudera Utara 2, Taman Samudera ( near Giant Hypermarket)

GPS Coordinate: 3.23515,101.69675

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